The Characters and some more pics

Priscilla who is a Radio Presenter and known throughout Malaysia, provided the background music to add ambiance when we sailed through the ice and at night when we were relaxing after all the exertions and then again at night when anyone was partying.  She had no sailing experience but ever so quietly and graciously gotContinue reading “The Characters and some more pics”

A Polar swim on Cuverville Island

64°50’53.00″S 62°31’69.00″W    Cuverville Island, Antarctica This is certainly not a journey for the faint hearted and I think we have all had our moments of weakness.  Mine was climbing up the summit of Cuverville. The expedition leader F.M.G  ( this name is abbreviated from the M G is mountain goat so you can guessContinue reading “A Polar swim on Cuverville Island”