Getting ready to set sail for Maine.

Dreaming of the trip

We will be setting sail for Maine on Sunday morning from New Symrna Yacht Club (Best little club in USA). We will be sailing Mat’s boat Laura 2 with Mat and John. Photos and stories to follow. I don’t have any of John but just as a snippet of Mat, We were sailing down to raft up at Titusville to view the rocket launch that never happened. Mat had trouble with his engine and even though he has just had surgery removing part of his lung, he was quick to jump in to check the prop.

Just for fun I have inserted a couple of photos and videos of the past couple of months. also to test my blog capabilities. It also shows that Florida is a pretty cool place as well.

Some of the birds in Florida and a man who was just passing by this sandman and when I commented on the amazing likeness he happily posed behind it.

The first photo is of John Jacobs son rescuing the space shuttle. Apparently they only have about 90 mines to set it up and rescue. The other is on the same day I couldn’t even manage to stay in the Kayak, HOWEVER I did keep my hat on!

moonlight sail with Mad Dan
sandhill cranes
swans from lake Ivanhoe

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9 thoughts on “Getting ready to set sail for Maine.

  1. Jane: Great pictures and blogs! I’m so glad that you gave me the email, so I can follow your journey! It looks like so much fun! I look forward to seeing and reading about your trip!! Take care🌞

    Wonderful lovely to know your following


    1. Hi Jane: Happy Saturday! I’m sure you’ll cover a lot of ocean today! Anxious to hear what you experienced so far. The boat you’re traveling in sure looks nice!
      So how many people are on this trip?
      Thanks so much for giving me the website, so I could follow you. Be safe and let me hear from you when you can! I definitely want you to enjoy your trip! Ready to eat some breakfast! Enjoy your day 😎


  2. Have a great trip, Jane! Be sure and send pictures and tell me what’s going on! Hopefully you’ll see dolphins! That would be nice! I hope you have lots of good experiences on your trip! Enjoy!!


  3. Jane,thanks for taking the time to keep us up to date on the Florida to Maine trip.
    we will follow your adventures. Sharon and Bill


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