Wadi Rum, Orien’s Sword and of course Lawerence

After Petra we headed out to a jeep ride through the desert.  I was not to keen on this initially, as I had been on one of these in Dubai and it was a ride sliding up and down the dunes full of thrills and spills!  Frankly I felt car sick throughout it and oneContinue reading “Wadi Rum, Orien’s Sword and of course Lawerence”

Petra (Five days before the flash floods)

So sad to hear today that there have been more flash floods in Petra. This blog was written just after we visited. I was sitting in the Hotel at breakfast remembering in Ireland where they so charmingly sit you at the table and ask you what hot meal you would like and sometime have troubleContinue reading “Petra (Five days before the flash floods)”