New Smyrna to Charleston

After a very healthy breakfast of donuts and croissants provided by the Elnitskys’ we set sail on Sunday morning. As you can see we intend to continue along the theme of healthy eating.

We decided go to St Augustine via the ICW as the weather was inclement and we would have been beating all the way. We made splendid time .. for two hours, until we arrived at the Sea Breeze bridge in Daytona. Laura 2 need a clearance of 64FT and we were at the end low tide but needed that final 2 inches to clear the bridge and the numbers weren’t clear. Finally we decided to risk it. Hold our breath and off we went.

It’s alway interesting going up the ICW and Ive posted many pictures of that. We sailed out to sea and the boys called their respective wives to tell them that everything was fine. True, for the first couple of hours and soon sure enough a squall was following us. Life jackets were donned and tethers attached. Mat changed course and we managed to avoid it but the sea was horribly lumpy after that and not so pleasant. I cooked hot dogs, beans and bread and they just had to lump it. Thank god for Laura’s Brownies.

As usual at sea we had a beautiful sunset and Pat and John bonded !! Now we are anchored in Charleston.

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Nurse, Singer/Guitar player. Sailing instructor traveling around any way possible.

14 thoughts on “New Smyrna to Charleston

  1. Everything looks great! I imagine you’re having a great time! I’m glad I can watch all your adventures! Enjoy and stay in touch😊


  2. Hi so I wrote on the post and then couldn’t submit no sure what is wrong. Miss u Glad the diet is going well.



  3. Jane: I hope you’re getting my messages! Your trip looks great! I like the pictures you send with your messages too! I’ve been following you every day, so keep me informed, please! Have fun, like I know you will, but come back safe! You’re welcome to use my email to get in touch with me anytime you want, now that you have it! Just letting you know that it’s fine with me! Happy Sailing 🌞😎


  4. Love this Jane, just happened upon it. Your writing is great, keep it up. So delighted you are having fun and eating so well🤪😎


  5. Hi Jane,
    I’m in hoping for an update. You are traveling with three interessting guys, have you all recounted your life’s story to each other? We, your fans, would like to hear a few tidbits 🙂
    I’m listening to 13 minutes to the moon, about the Apollo 11 flight to the moon. Kudo’s to John son, spiderman on the space shuttle. The podcast is amazing to listen to.

    I hope the weather is good for you and you are making good time.
    Love to you all,


  6. It’s fun following you!!Where are you now? It looks like the weather is cooperating. I hope it’s ok at night too! Tell us more of what is going on and more pictures if possible! Happy sailing 🌞


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