May 14 anchoring just before Beaufort (NC) and of course tow boat

We anchored by Dewes creek on our first stop on the ICW. A beautiful wooded anchorage but it was still very cold and wet. It seems the weather isn’t suitable for a sea passage at least until Saturday so the best bet is to motor up the ICW. Although it was cold (no such thing as bad weather just badly prepared for the weather) it wasn’t an unpleasant journey and John got to try out all his new foul weather gear.

Going up the ICW you get to view all types of fancy houses. The new opulent (Over the top a bit in my opinion ) and the old classic ones in South Carolina.

Picked up a mooring ball in South Carolina and I think Mat and John were considering calling a relate counsellor when they heard Pat and I picking up the mooring ball. Pat said he was shouting because he’s deaf but I think his tone was not one of a deaf man and my response was not one of a lady.

As we were motoring along we saw a fancy motorboat WAY out of the channel with Tow boat trying to pull it off the ground. It looked well and truly dug in so we assume he must have been going at a hell of a speed. Interestingly enough it appeared to be a more mature couple. Some time later they sped past us.

Some time later we came up to see tow boat trying to tug a boat WAY off the channel and when we looked closer .. who do you think it was but the same couple. We were all laughing and the guy in tow boat shrugged his shoulders and then radioed AMEN to us. I assume they weren’t on VHF themselves. Well we laughed and laughed and imagined they had bought a boat but didn’t know the navigational rules. Of course a sail should know not to laugh at another. This morning we were on the boat to tow boat. Our starter motor isn’t working and we have to be towed into a marina. Not quite the same as going aground and it is a 14 yr old starter however I’m inclined to think of the old adage ‘Mocking is catching.’

Having said that I believe Beaufort is a beautiful place to stay. I expect we will have some more pics and stories to follow.

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Nurse, Singer/Guitar player. Sailing instructor traveling around any way possible.

6 thoughts on “May 14 anchoring just before Beaufort (NC) and of course tow boat

  1. I presume you are still in Beaufort. What will you be up to? There’s the Maritime museum right in the waterfront, but it’s closed today. Unfortunately the annual wooden boat show won’t be until next year.
    You could do the Sunday brunch walking tour that starts at 9.30 and finishes at Beaufort Grocery Company and takes 2-2.5 hrs CALL: 252-648-1011 from 7 a.m
    It’s lashing down here in Sweden, I hope it lets up for my pilot training, for the Swedish rickshaw, a tricycle to take out the elderly on bike tours around Höllviken.
    Love to you all.
    /Dervla. We did a house tour yesterday. Just thinking of sandering around today for a bit looking for adventure


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