May 16. A Scotsman walked into the bar with a ziplock and a hamburger.

Its a cookout.

When I first went to Beaufort I remember a few guys jamming on the dock and they had played with Eric Clapton and Gary Moore. It was truly amazing. I was looking forward to something similar when I heard there was live music. I won’t say where it was but it was truly woeful music. The singer was flat, however everyone was very friendly and the singer invited everyone to drink more because the more we drank, the better he sounded. This guy greeted us in a Scottish accent as he passed and I had to ask him about the contents of his bag. It was a vegetarian burger because this was a cook out. I had to have him pose for a photo.

Boat US told us that they would be there at 9.51 and that was at 8.50. I was impressed that’s exactly when they arrived but I was slow in trying to get the photo shot focused. Once we had docked and cleaned we went for a short walk. There was a tour of some of the houses and we joined. The tour guide was from Balham London! There are so many houses here with signs that they were built in 1771 -1865. We then dropped by a pub and had a wee scoop and Pat was happy.

There may be not so many pics of Matt as he was servicing engine and doing the things a captain does!

Today my highlight was a stroll through the beautiful neighborhood. The smell of Jasmine and roses is almost overpowering. I felt like I was in a scene from Anne of Green Gables. We went into the graveyard. It was one of the most beautiful Graveyards I’ve been to (Well with the exception of Highgate Cemetry ). It was sad to see so many deaths of children between 1865 and 1867. I don’t see anything in the history in particular except possibly, that it was the end of the civil war and maybe not much medical assistance then. I’ve heard people say that Mothers were tougher then and they would have expected it but the tombstones indicate to me that it was tragic and this was the only thing a parent could give to the child. One stone in particular broke my heart as it had three lambs on top and it was three children who died in successive years. There was also the child who was brought to London and died on her return. The Father had promised the mother that he would bring her back. When she died on the return journey rather than bury her at sea, he bought a barrel of rum from the captain to place her in and brought her back.

When we arrived back at the boat. Matt had all his chores completed and when he was up at the dock trying to get a car to go to Ace the couple in front of him were none other that the ones who had gone aground twice the day before. I asked Matt what their story was but he was too polite to ask. AH well

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5 thoughts on “May 16. A Scotsman walked into the bar with a ziplock and a hamburger.

  1. Oh my Jane, fun and fabulous observations….tragic histories….beautiful settings. Love it all.


  2. Sounds amazing! I can picture the beauty there! Tell Matt his family from Winter Springs send
    their love and prayers, for ALL of you!

    Liked by 1 person

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