On the Road Again

Our mechanic Brooke was terrific, he got the starter from Bugs and ASAP installed it. He was also able to fill us in with more details about the couple who had grounded twice. He didn’t know anything about the grounding but he said when he went on the sea trial with them and he was terrified. He didn’t think the man knew at all what he was doing.

While Mat was dealing with the engine Pat, John and I did the touristy things like eat ice cream, dander about, go to the museum (which I’m sad to say is a bit missable with a lot about Blackbeard who they said they didn’t know much about except that he was English and could have been called Edward something or maybe not).

We did enjoy the trip to Carrot Island where there are wild horses, Sand dollars and a lovely nature walk that we got lost on … As we invariably do. Nine miles later we found our way back. It was a deserted beach and occasionally you’d see hundreds of wee crabs scurrying to their hole before I could photo them. Also difficult to picture was the fighter planes. You have to look everywhere except where the noise is.

You can see from the picture of Pat on the beach that he has a new hat. I made him buy it as he was getting too attached to my pink and blue ones.

We are now back at sea, getting up at the skraight of dawn to go as far in the day as possible.

Some strange tracks but great speeds on the GPS and photos seen along the way.

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Nurse, Singer/Guitar player. Sailing instructor traveling around any way possible.

4 thoughts on “On the Road Again

  1. Jane: your description of your activities and the pictures are great! I’m glad you’re enjoying the trip and I can be a part of it! The first tropical storm formed way out in bathe East Atlantic. Be careful! Stay in touch and stay safe🌞

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  2. Great to get your update and to see Pat modeling hats 🙂 We are having summer weather here, well almost, it’s still a bit chilly but lots of sunshine.
    Fair winds to you all.
    Love Dervla


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