Not on a Friday!

May 21

We had a great day going through the Viginnia locks and Coin jock canal….well not without experiencing a very windy and tidal anchorage that had Laura 11 bumping like crazy so we lifted the anchor and went back to Coin jock at night. (I HATE going along the ICW at night especially in an area where none of us were familiar with). But we made it. The following day it looked like we were racing along to Norfolk with speeds up to 12 knots although the GPS also showed that we were on land.

There were a number of nests with baby ospreys and just beautiful woodland with very few other boats. We arrived in Norfolk in perfect time to fuel up and head out to sea for the last third of the journey. Friday night and all is well. I was taking jubilant photos of the 0 Mile marker cans and lovely sunset just before Pat and I start our watch.

At about 9pm I felt the boat do a 360 and came up on deck to find out that the boat’s steering was gone. We had been sailing out to sea for about three hours but fortunately we still had phone signal and managed to get Tow Boat US. Matt told us that he hadn’t used Tow Boat in years and now its twice in one week. Pat and I kept quiet regarding the number of times and distances we have used it in the recent year. .. Best not bring attention to yourself EH? I have red hair (bad luck on a boat) and I brought bananas (also considered bad luck).

Tow boat came for us within a couple of hours and I was impressed about how calm Matt was. The timing of the boat breaking down again on a Friday when we couldn’t get a mechanic for the second time wasn’t lost on anyone.

So Pat and I went sightseeing

The Chrysler Museum was very impressive. There is a glass section which photography just doesn’t demonstrate the beauty. The Chess set there is with the black pieces representing the Jewish religion and the White the Catholic. And those hooded ladies are Sara and Hagar from the Old Testament. A story I never really understood. It seemed so unfair.

We also came across a corvette parade. The yellow car ha a dent in the bumper because a tire bumped into it as they were traveling up to the parade. He told me he didn’t cry and I told him it added a certain Je Ne Sais Quoi.

There was a beautiful Oak tree walking through the streets and of course we have Pat on the scooter.

Matt found a mechanic for Monday. We had identified that the problem was the shaft had snapped off and had to be replaced. Unfortunately though the part would not arrive until Thursday. Pat and I had to leave because I am limited to the amount of time I have off and we are keen to go on our own trip. Laura has arrived on the boat and John will also continue with Matt. We got a flight back to Daytona on Monday.

I do have to say that as we were on our own boat in New Symrna I haven’t really seen a nicer dockage.

And there also the fun of going to a football match in Orlando totally inappropriately dressed and they wouldn’t let us take the chocolates in so we had to eat some and smuggle the rest into my pocket

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5 thoughts on “Not on a Friday!

  1. Sure glad I could follow along on your journey! I’m sure I’ll see you again sometime soon! I like to see you, but I don’t like to go to the hospital, as you know! Anyway, You have my email address, so stay in touch when you can and take care. Thanks for the trip!

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  2. Lovely to see you got back safe and sound, but aren’t you the pair, getting ready to sail off again in your own boat! We, your fans will looking forward to your new adventures.
    Bon voage!


  3. Dizzying to follow you both..gorgeous pictures and you look so crazily beautiful and fit, Jane. And Pat of course…
    As for the boat…
    all that fitting pipes and shimmying up and down…
    awe inspiring


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