Pat’s trip to the Hospital

So many people were anxious when we left to go on the occasional overnight three to four day sail but we never anticipated the worst injury would be on our very own dock. Now to be fair to Pat, I must explain that there is often a steep step whether up or down from the dock to the boat. Pat was getting off the boat at low tide and missed the step. He fell into the water, knocking his side against the dock and broke three or four ribs.

I’m going to abridge the story a bit as my lack of sympathy might be questionable however in my defense Pat did not tell me how hard he hit the side or complain much about the pain. He had a few other stressors going on at the time and while I thought he was improving, about four days later he complained of tiredness. We immediately went to my hospital WInter Park Advent Health and Dr Mikhael and the nurses was nothing short of fantastic. He was in Atrial Fibrillation (very fast heart beat) and had a lot of blood pooled in his lungs where his ribs had fractured.

Nurse Marti Green kept him on the straight and narrow making him do his breathing exercises (how could her refuse those big blue/grey eyes and less than three days later he was home.

Not exactly traveling tale but I just thought Id include it for your interest anyway! Happy Christmas.

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4 thoughts on “Pat’s trip to the Hospital

  1. So sorry to hear this story. Please pass on my best wishes to Pat! We need to get together after this stupid pandemic winds down. Paula


  2. How miserable and painful so why does he look so well? Happy new year you lucky lot. It’s freezing here in Tier 444004 xxxx


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