The Launch that never was, March of the Manatees Tommy the turtle and I don’t know what those dolphins are up to !

We started out our two week trip intending to head South possibly to Key Largo but we wouldn’t lose any sleep if we didn’t get there. Well, Spoiler alert here. We got as far south as Titusville bridge and for those of you who aren’t Floridians that is about 40 miles south. But as my Great Aunt said, “I haven’t traveled far but I enjoyed it.” She never left her village in 80 years.

Our first night was spent with Colleen , Pats daughter who had to endure me creating videos of Little Lamb doing a fashion show and meeting Tweetie our new crew member. Low winds but enjoyable anchorage at Rock Creek. Then I practically pushed Colleen off the boat on Sunday morning because we were going down to see the Space ex launch expected at 19.11.

Mat and Laura followed us down and we rafted up together. I was raising up a storm of excitement with my sisters sending videos of where we were and the likelihood of a fantastic viewing of the launch. The weather was amazing, clear skies, Laura’s brownies (to my long term friends o my youth… no … it was chocolate and walnut brownies). I was exclaiming to Mat what a beautiful night it was, clear skies and perfect for a launch.

‘What Launch are you talking about Jane?’ Do NOT use the ap ‘liftoff’ because it includes launches from India and China and its extremely confusing.

The wind started whipping up to about 34 but fortunately Laura had quietly said as we rafted. ‘Do you think our spreaders are a bit too close?’ It was no problem for our anchor which held both boats beautifully. Well, it dug in a bit too beautifully and was so stuck in that the windlass blew a fuse when we were raising the anchor. I had to manually lift it out myself. I’m proud to say I can still do that.

We returned to Symrna for personal reasons however I’m not so sure that it would have been much fun sailing in the weather that followed for the next two weeks. High winds and temperatures of 48

A few days later I saw that there was a launch at 11 am. Excitedly I informed Pat and said if we got up at 4 am we could sail down to Titusville Bridge in time to see it. We would have to cancel the pickle ball lesson Brian and Paula were giving us. Pat replied that we could drive down there and Brian and Paula might want to join us. This meant. more civilized rise at 8am.

As I was waiting for Brian and Paula on the Sunday morning there was a march of Manatees heading south 8-10 of them. Although its is lovely to see they are not the most exciting creatures to photograph so your just having to take my word for it. along with Tommy the turtle who hung around the boat occasionally looking up at me and occasionally diving down as the Manatees passed by. In the meantime the dolphins are really being active jumping high and swirling around each other in pairs and threesome and more. Someone from the club told me they put on a show for them but as I was watching them I had the distinct feeling that they were showing to each other and maybe there might be a few baby dolphins in the near future.

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