Preparation. Less than 2 months off.

Pats picture of trip. He couldn’t get small enough pinto go around Ireland.

Last week Pat exclaimed that we seem to have replaced everything in the boat but he hadn’t thought of the engine! And yup we have to replace it now. Hopefully that will be done before end of March and we can get out and try a few more drills. Having said that, the last time I did this I was learning how to raise the mainsail just days before we left to sail to the Arctic and cross the Atlantic and we had to be rescued because of not ‘burping’ the engine when she went back in.

Our agenda is dependent on the weather and any other possible delays. I’m getting so superstitious I daren’t mention any.

I’ve just spent the day searching for a piece of rigging to haul the whisker pole up and down as ours has cracked and it seems they don’t make it any more. Think I’ll just use a couple of rubber bands and a rosary or two.

Dervla my trusty editor will be keeping this updated as we travel along. In the meantime unfortunately I have no pictures the meal planning including flying cooked chickens hot and fatty from the pressure cooker or mistakes in recipes when I thought 200º was Fahrenheit. We were starving by the time it was cooked. but here are some of recent travels.

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10 thoughts on “Preparation. Less than 2 months off.

  1. Jane, I’m so looking forward to reading about your next big adventure. I can enjoy the results of all your hard work + preparation for jaunts I would never do!!

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  2. Breathe Darlin’. This is just a chapter, not your whole story. Preparing for this amazing adventure is so critical! The best is yet to come!! 💕


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