Intercepting Thieves, Rides with the Police and Polo

Its a fine line writing a blog.  How much do you spend writing and going out and doing.  Of course everything we do is for the blog! Tango We had such a lovely time in Café Tortino that we returned the following night to see a Tango show, The waiter was a show as well. Continue reading “Intercepting Thieves, Rides with the Police and Polo”

Yesterdays photos and todays tale and photos

The first couple of photos are the Tango dancing in the Café, and the street.   The boy with the flag and girl dancing was an impromptu march celebrating the new Prime Minister. Today we had no definite plans and came across the cathedral Pope Francis visited.  It is stunning.  There’s a picture below where the guardsContinue reading “Yesterdays photos and todays tale and photos”