I’ve been stuck in worse places.

Well I can think of worse places to be stuck in Beaufort North Carolina is a charming town. This weekend there is the pirates invasion so we went up and saw all these crazy people singing which was nice and displaying all sorts of gory details about pirates. The pirate that I photographed there on the top right really has only one leg. He was all prepared to take down his trousers and prove to me but I told him I believed him

We had a charming tour around the old houses of Beaufort. The lady in the photograph was the same woman who took us around the tour last year but she certainly doesn’t lose her freshness in recounting the tales. She sounded as if she had just heard the story yesterday. I keep seeing photographs of those two ladies who apparently are dead. It was a practice in the past to dress up family when they are deceased and take a photograph because photographs were so expensive they could not afford to take them while you were alive. I do think it’s unfortunate that these poor ladies are probably not on display and famous for their beauty. The picture beside them is human hair from various members of the family and made into flower like display. Macabre practices in the past

We were sitting in the Courthouse and Race was impertinent. I sentenced him to 30 minutes in the stock. The Scallywag!

Later on that day the lady from the boat beside us ‘ Sweat Equity’ informed us about the launch coming from cape Canaveral and it would be passing us at 7:30 PM. I was amazed at the clarity of the launch. We also heard a rumble from it and watched the boosters come off to return to Cape C. (I’ve been told that’s what they are on authority of Dan pollock)

There have been a few super yachts docked nearby. One just filled up with 4000 gallons I asked him how much it was when it was empty and he said 5000. They are on their way down to Saint Augustine where they will fill up again and then carry-on down to Fort Lauderdale their destination. In the meantime M’Aingeal is not going to take the risk. When we left the dock earlier the tide took the boat straight to the opposite dock. Fortunately this was not witnessed by anybody I know but then again I guess I’m telling you now. This was when Pat decided we will stay for a few more days.

People stop to admire the boat beside us. I keep thinking they’re admiring MAingeal. Maybe they are.

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5 thoughts on “I’ve been stuck in worse places.

  1. Wow, those were great photos of the launch , it’s amazing that you can see it 5 days sail from Cape Canaveral! And you captured your neighbors watching the launch 🙂
    That big boat beside you surely has a small movie theatre, check out their screening times 🙂
    Keep safe, love Dervla


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