Fiona and storm updates.

It’s so distracting writing about Fiona as I keep thinking about my sister Fiona. We anchored in a safe anchorage when the winds from her came by and it was actually a good feeling as we could feel the strength of the anchor keeping MAingeal steady in the water

I was glad to be out of Belhaven marina. Although it’s a beautiful marina it was very rolly and didn’t feel protected enough. We made it to Beaufort NC and have been told that we may be kicked off the marina if Hermione comes near. No recommendations where to go. We really can’t do anything until Sunday where we will have more idea on her track. So it’s a waiting game. Will keep you posted.

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Nurse, Singer/Guitar player. Sailing instructor traveling around any way possible.

9 thoughts on “Fiona and storm updates.

  1. Be safe and don’t take any chanced!
    Hopefully this storm will miss all of you and me too!!!! If the power stays on then I’ll be ok!!!


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