Well, we got the engine fixed and I am very optimistic that this is the end of the engine troubles. Paul was the first mechanic. he identified a block in the fuel line and the following day he brought in Rielly and both of them went through all the tubes and search for fuel leaks and finally there is no air coming into the Racor.


There are virtually no Lyft or Uber services in Wellesley. The taxi guy sounded really strange on the phone. We managed to get a Lyft car to go into Wellesley to a restaurant. The taxi man said he would pick us up but then each time we rang It was an answer machine and we had to leave a message. I think that was the most nerve-racking thing in the whole trip. Eating in the restaurant and not being sure how to get back to the boat which was 7 miles away. Plan A to continue to call taxi service and plead. Plan B call the police. Plan C find a hotel. Plan A eventually worked.

It is really beautiful here in Rhode Island but we are happy to say that now the engine is working we are on our way to Montauk tomorrow.

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