Waiting for the storm

Someone said that waiting for the hurricane to come is like being chased by a turtle.

Well as you know, Race has had to leave us as we will be stuck here at least until Monday and he has to go back to work. So Sad. We’ve been occupying our time walking around town and it still has beautiful and interesting sights. I will stop and look at the flowers and butterflies and Pat looks at the engineering and styles of the houses so it’s not really power walking. I didn’t photograph one of the plaques which said ‘On this day 1848 … nothing happened!’ The foliage is just starting to turn but there are still beautiful flowers. The bicycles propped up by the houses are not locked, many chimes giving a nice peaceful sound although not so sure what they were like in the wind last night. Every couple of streets there is a free library box. I think I’ll try and get our housing association to put one up. A few times as we’ve been shopping we’ve seen jackets that both of us liked so we each have to have one. We will be walking along like Tweedle Dee and Tweedle dum.

I’m glad to hear that most of my friends in Florida survived Ian without any damage and am terribly sorry for those who have had losses. I am so glad that we decided to stay here however, we were warned that we might have to leave. I was horrified when I heard that one of the dockhands told a boat owner yesterday morning at the height of the wind that they would be moving us out in the afternoon. They started to get out before the wind really took off and found that they may damage their boat and possibly others if they went as it was so difficult to control it in the wind and tide. I was saying there was no way we would move but I found out that we don’t have a choice as marinas are private property. There are only a few boats left in the marina and I’m pretty sure we’ve past the worst of it.

Michelle and Eddie from ‘Sweat Equity’ left a couple of days ago and when I was in the restaurant she texted me asking were we having a beautiful sunset. I ran out and sure enough there it was. It was Michelle who told us about the launch last week and I got those terrific photos. It was a real treat to meet them and I will be texting her as we pass y her house on Myrtle Beach.

John from Persuasion arrived the day before yesterday and we went with him to Ace Rigging. Pat could spend hours there, searching through the screws and bolts. I found an electric fly swatter and figure that’s a good way to entertain myself as we batten down. The only problem is that it seems to me that the flies have battened down as well.

While we were watching and helping the boat as he came into the dock beside us. (A beautiful brand spanking new boat on its way up to Annapolis from Florida ). a news girl came along and introduced herself. I told her we were all a bit busy at the moment but I could give her an interview once we have settled the boats. Well, the lads were all doing a grand job without me having to help them so I dashed down below, changed out of my grubby shirt and sports bra (TMI?) put on a bit of lipstick and mascara and then told her I might have some time now. I think I’ve managed to put it on a separate post. Later that night Jim from the boat beside us invited us to dinner. Not only was it a terrific meal in a fancy restaurant but we all had fun sharing our stories of very different lives. He worked in the Antarctic and Arctic wen he first qualified as an engineer. He was a bit taken aback when we told him we went to the Antarctic voluntarily on a small sailing vessel. Later on someone passed by and said he saw my on TV. Fame and recognition at last.

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