When is it a gust or a puff

This morning we were trying to calculate out what the difference was between a gust or a puff. Is a puff less than 20knots ? Such was the depth of our conversation.

Then late this afternoon we realized that tomorrow would be a very good day to head out. I think it’s best to go out at sea because there might be a lot of debris and the I CW. We’ve been rushing round. Shopping, laundry, paying the marina ( they gave us a hefty discount for which I’m very grateful) filling water and checking the engine.

Before all this activity we went to Fort Macon. We saw this wedding couple and later when we returned to the boat they were taking photographs in front of the boats so I called out to them and invited them onto our boat to take the Titanic wedding photographs they were delighted

I was taking this video Because it was Linda Ronstadt and the loaned car was so rickety and tied up with Zip ties. But I love it all the more just because of Pat’s crazy hair. He promises he’s gonna have a shower in the morning before we head out to sea.

SLO mo sea

This may not be the last Blog to close this trip but looking forward to seeing my friends in your Smyrna and then in Orlando and thanks for following it so far.

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Nurse, Singer/Guitar player. Sailing instructor traveling around any way possible.

10 thoughts on “When is it a gust or a puff

  1. Thanks so much for taking me along! The wedding pictures were so nice. and Pat’s hair was very interesting 😄
    What an adventure! By the way, thanks for caring about me and getting in touch when things happened with my power!
    I’m sure you will have a lot to do when you’re home, but take care and be sure to keep in touch !!!
    By the way, if you take another sailing trip, be sure and include me, will you? I’d like that😊


  2. Thanks again for taking us along for the adventure Jane and Pat.
    We are looking forward to your return to NSB. We will be cheering for you on arrival. The divers will be checking your slip for hurricane debri tomorrow and the Dockmaster will make sure to change the water in your slip…


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