Tracy Edwards the maiden and the lady

Meeting my hero

It was quite cloudy when we came into New York but of course we still sailed over to Lady Liberty. It was pretty hairy crossing as the ferries and tugs come up from nowhere and at one stage the prop was vibrating ominously. I stopped, reversed and whatever it was came off.

When we arrived I was terribly excited to see The Maiden docked across the way from us. We were meant to leave the next day but Pat got a dinky tummy. The most expensive marina we’ve gone to and he gets a dinky tummy ! However I then saw Tracey on her boat. She is lovely. When I told her how I had followed her before the movie and then how I cried at the movie. I got a bit emotional. She said she cried as well ! She introduced her team. And made a point of saying Jamilla is now the captain. She is raising money for education for girls. Check out her web site and the movie The Maiden. As I said to my NBFF it’s a movie not just for sailors. Not just for girls but for anyone who wants to achieve their dreams

The sunsets in NYC are amazing. Apparently so are the sunrises but I’m sure you can check out those on google search. I took a stroll to a nearby park and there was a demonstration Moms against guns. The sculpture with the names of the children on it were particularly moving.

You can see Pat is much better as he photobombs the sunset pictures. We were worried about going through hells gate. Stories of whirlpools. I saw wee mini ones. And boats like ours going backwards but We timed out the passage and it all went very smoothly. We even got that glimpse picture of the Empire State building. Port Washington is lovely we had a great dinner in Finn McCool’s restaurant We are off today To visit my father’s grave

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4 thoughts on “Tracy Edwards the maiden and the lady

  1. Jane, I was so darn thrilled you met Tracy Edwards and stepped on “Maiden”. It lifted my spirits, in an amazing way. It brought back the memory of that unbelievable documentary, how I can cry so easily just telling someone about it. And the fascination I have with your journey, your photos, your writing, the courage and bravery to explore the unknown for you and your brave man Pat!


  2. A wonderful post. Tears came to my eyes when I read you met Tracy Edwards. What an honor!!! Your pictures are great. You are heading north and we are heading south.


  3. Jane: the pictures and your descriptions are terrific! I feel like I’m going along with you! So glad you are enjoying everything! I look forward to more pictures and descriptions every time you have a new adventure! Stay safe, but enjoy your trip 🤗


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