Long Island to Rhode Island

It’s a double edged sword to be too busy sightseeing to write the blog. Port Washington is certainly a pretty place and we spent quite a while hiking and watching sunsets. I’d post them all up but then it becomes a bit samey to see a lot of pictures although definitely in person.

We stayed a bit longer in Block Island partly weather related but also it is so beautiful and we could stay. I met an English girl who came over here 35 yrs ago and was nursing here. She said her daughter sold her Inn because it had been closed over July due to covid. She whispered “a Kennedy has bought it and made it into a compound. Well those Kennedy’s love their compounds!”. I’m sorry I didn’t ask her exactly where it was as I would have loved to taken a gander. The houses here go for between 3-11 million. Some of them are stunning and some downright strange.

We went into a museum and I was charmed by the description of the Block Island women. ‘The women were healthy virtuous and true and as yet without the pale of the blandishments and corruption of fashion’. They must have been tiny as well as you can see relatively with me… no nasty comments!

We have a fantastic Toqueedo engine for the dingy which we have used only once. I was coming into Block island dingy dock and before I could act I broke the blades on the prop running over rocks. It’s been a bit of a challenge sourcing the blades but I think we’ll have them in a week. In the meantime we will have to use dingy launches.

There are lighthouses everywhere but that doesn’t help when we were going through rip tides and our GPS said keep green to the right and our Navionics said to the left. It was hard to guess as we were neither returning or leaving a sea it was from a sound to a sound. (that’s for the sailors btw ). A boat passed us and left it to the right. So right we went.

We are currently in Newport … Well the first picture is block Island at sunset and I forgot to mention that the boats all blow their horns at sunset and its a lovely feeling. There is a race to Bermuda on Friday and the super slick yachts are coming in. Pat says we should enter M’Aingeal but I think we should continue on to Nova Scotia.

Next stop Rhode Island Yacht Club … I had to stay there.

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Nurse, Singer/Guitar player. Sailing instructor traveling around any way possible.

9 thoughts on “Long Island to Rhode Island

  1. Your descriptions and pictures are terrific! I feel like I’m on the trip with you! You are definitely seeing some very pretty things! You look like you are really enjoying all your adventures and the scenery every day on the trip and I’m glad!!! Be safe and enjoy🤗🌞


  2. OH Jane, so fascinating in every way. Fantastic photos, I wonder how old that lady of Block Island was when that photo was taken of her. You look so fantastic and healthy yourself. Love the wee stories you tell, and the small details, eg the horns going off at sunset. “…we were neither returning or leaving a sea it was from a sound to a sound…” love this. My early childhood spent on Long Island Sound. Indeed, some strange looking houses. What a journey! LOVE LOVE LOVE it.


  3. You look fantastic Jane, so fit and healthy. Just love your blog.the lighthouses, they’re fantastic. It’s all so fascinating, you give a great sense of the place.


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