Sailing to New York

I never dreamed that I would be writing a post about Sailing to New York. It is so exciting. I know I’ve written before about Norfolk Harbour but those air craft carriers and battle ships never cease to amaze me.

We checked the weather with Chris Parker and it resulted in a beautiful calm sail. No rush. However it always seems to be at dinner time that the seas start to get a wee bit confused. Confused? lumpy bumpy horrible! Trying to eat with one hand holding the bacon and corn on the cob down and the other eating is a right royal pain in the ass. But then you see you’re passing Atlantic City, one of my old haunts and the sun is setting. I couldn’t persuade Pat to go back by about an hour to get the sun setting directly overhead. He muttered something about the sun doesn’t wait for photo opportunities.

It took two days to get there. Unfortunately it was cloudy and the images are not great but the sensation of arriving was. Initially we booked into a marina which cost $6 foot making if about $208 a night but the Great Kills Yacht club called me back and told me he would have room the following day and we could anchor near the club and still use the facilities. We docked the next day for $2 a night. John C was so helpful I told him that I felt like he was treating me like a queen so from then on I became known as Queen Jane!

I can thank Warren and Joanne Anderson enough. He told us about Great Kills and showed me how to use Navionics.

I love Great Kills. We’ve had two great nights here so far. Last night the NYC rangers beat Tampa bay in there Ice Hockey. Great craic to watch.

I did point out that I wasn’t so keen on the titles of the rest rooms. Captains and Mates. I asked if that meant I had to use the captains! Tonight is ‘wife haters’ night. All in good fun of course. I told them I’ve never been a wife so we’ll see if we can go there without having to buy a round. That’s the penalty for bringing your wife.

We went into NYC yesterday but I think that’s a separate blog.

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15 thoughts on “Sailing to New York

  1. You have certainly spread M’Angeal’s wings. Impressive to see the NYC skyline. You are probably making better time than those stuck in NYC traffic. Love reading your blog and hearing from you and Patrick.


  2. Sounds like great fun Queen Jane! So, any story to go with the picture “nurse with the first aid kit?”


  3. So glad, Queen Jane, you got to NYC! I bet your new experiences were fun and sometimes challenging! Your descriptions and pictures are great! Anxious for the next adventure descriptions! Be safe, but enjoy 😊 Brian and family are down at Sanibel for a few days! Having a great time! We’re supposed to have a tropical storm over the weekend, so wish me well ! I can get through everything as long as my power stays on!

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  4. What an amazing adventure…even the tough stuff eventually becomes good stuff! Thanks for sharing with those of us on the sidelines.
    Here’s to making great memories! 💕


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