Day 2

The beauty about traveling with Dierdre is that when plans go awry there’s always plan B.  After breakfast in the diner from ‘Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil; we strolled along to the Cathedral which was very majestic.  I’m only sorry we didn’t have time to attend a service, the organ looked very impressive.

The graveyard in Savannah town is very old with a dueling ground right beside it and lots os Scottish graves as they came over to fortify the army in the war of Independence. and of course we met Americans who pointed over to the Graves saying that they could be our ancestors … The Mackintoshes!   I think not!  We drove out to Bonaventure which is an amazing Graveyard.  Some tombstones are higher than a three story building and many many ornate graves.

Back to see a ‘The Prophet’ in the Savannah film festival.  We felt we had to attend it since the interview.  I loved it .  Its dreamy but probably you would need to be aware of the book before you go.


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