Agenda and Comments

This is getting so exciting and I just love that y’all are reading this.   (well if you’re not you won’t be reading this!)  I’m attaching a picture and agenda for the Antarctic trip.  We really haven’t hard and fast rules for the Buenos Aires trip.

For those of you who can write comments  its just to click on the square at the bottom of this page and add the comment You have to put in an e mail address but that won’t be published.  Dervla will be moderating the site while Pat and I are out of range.   Pat will probably be doing the photography and I’ll do the commentary’s … that way everyone will be on the right side of the camera!

Well for some reason the agenda won’t upload so here it is!

We arrive in Buenos Aires on 11/22 and doing all sorts of Tangoing (Now that Pat and I are experts.  We’ve had four lessons.).  We arrive in Ushayia on 11/30 and meet the team.  Nine of us altogether. We sail down the beagle channel to Cape Horn and then a three day crossing of the Drake Passage which is a pretty rough part of the South Atlantic.   Neither Pat nor I are proud  we’ll be wearing the motion patches and have motion ease to hand.   We expect to land on Hannah point around 12 /9  and then take more or less the same as this map.

We return to Ushayia on 12/21 and arrive in Orlando on 12 25.


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7 thoughts on “Agenda and Comments

  1. Zofran oral dissolving tablets are great for nausea. Use them for the diving boat trips. I hope you all have smooth sailing through the passages. I read today a bit about Port Lochroy. The UK Heritage center is there. They designed a lovely Antarctic tartan. Would be interested in hearing what photog equipment your mates are using.


  2. Jane,
    I know you will have a great time! Look how happy you look dancing around! Love you so much! Have a good time! Can’t wait to see you! Sending you big hugs and kisses! Keep the updates coming!


  3. Hi Jane & Pat, Reinhard and I have very much enjoyed reading your posts. We check everyday for an update. Glad you’re having an exciting trip. Stay safe and warm as you can 🙂


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