First day in Savannah

We settled in once we got to the right hotel and found my credit cards and had a relatively quiet night .  The next day we did the bus tour around the historic district.  Absolutely beautiful and steeped in history.  The camera men were in Leopolds’s Ice cream shop because of the Savannah film festival and someone called Meg Ryan ( At least I think that was her name) was flying in and she was a friend of Leopold so they were interviewing him and I think they got wind of the marvelous interview I gave in Orlando so they pleaded with me (more or less) to give a few words.  I hope I didn’t upstage that little actress Meg.

Torrential rain but we went on down to the Riverside for a bite to eat and popped in to hear Harry O Donoghue was playing.  Very entertaining more like the Seanchai of old.  No photos of Kevin Barry’s but below are examples of the houses. The little one is one that Ginger Bread houses copy!   The original.. so they say.  The other photos are the Ice Cream shop with Leopold and and Irish film producer he brought over for me to meet.  … We couldn’t decide on a script but I’m pretty sure he’s call me when the right one comes up.

DSC_0147 IMG_0840 DSC_0160 DSC_0138

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