A holiday from our trip

Miles. Quite a few on the airplane. July 19-26

We had to go back to Orlando for various appointments and I’m happy to say we are both in the clear, fit and healthy. Well, Pat looked a bit too healthy and like a salty dog when he went to the electro cardiologist who had told us he couldn’t go sailing! I took a photo of that lovely wooden boat above as I thought it had sunk while it was being splashed but in fact I was told that every year after wintering they have to fill it with water and drain it to get the wood to expand so that it doesn’t leak. Jeez and I think my annual clean up is a pain.

I got my hair cut and the blinds put in and now look like a BEaUUUUtiful princess and my neighbors were walking past one night and told me that I had the best blinds in the block…. Think I’ll have a blinds party. It was great to see everyone. We stayed in Bob and Sheryl’s in New Symrna for the weekend which was a real treat and got to see everyone in the tiki as well as attend the annual meeting with a real fancy fly-by after it.

There’s such a different quality to shooting the breeze with friends. I was in the car with Lesley and trying to talk her into getting a Tesla and she and Robbie were explaining that’ you couldn’t drive up to Atlanta without running out of power’. Then Robbie exclaimed. ‘You’d be on the road in the middle of the day and the car would break down and you’d die of dehydration or overheating. To say Robbie was a bit dramatic at times would be wrong of me!

Had a beautiful walk around Lake Eola with the birds at different stages of growth. And a great meal with Marti, Penny and Nancy.

There was much much more but that was the only times I had the camera out. Now we are back at Brunswick and going to Camden next.

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