Is it a whale or a shark

There are crab pots EVERYWHERE, even when the water is over 100 ft. We saw a large black fin circling. It was at least two feet high. I figured it wasn’t a whale as there was no spout. It definitely wasn’t a shark as there was no music. I later found out it was probably an ocean sun fish. Check them out they can be up to 4.409 lbs.

There have been a few great pubs we’ve gone to and excellent live music in them. I particularly liked ‘the Flight Deck’ which is on an old naval base where they brew beer and it was packed with families and pets. A group of four joined us at our table and one guy noticed my Island Packet jacket. He was wearing his Island packet tee shirt. We had great craic sharing stories. His is an IP 35 as well and only three years younger than Maingeal. Theirs is called Tenacious and I hope we will meet up again soon. He is also a guitar player!

Those sticks by the fire hydrants are for the winter and are hidden in the snow. The moon has been beautiful and we are starting to see more falling stars. There will be a meteor shower on July 30 so watch out for that wherever you are.

We are now on our way back to Orlando for the week for appointments etc. I have to say that Brunswick taxis are there best taxi service we’ve ever had. Each taxi had a good story as well as being on time. Last night she overcharged us and when we were in the restaurant she came back in with $10 saying she checked the price after we left. How cool is that and today the other taxi lady told us how a couple had left their wallet in the car and she noticed only when she went back to Brunswick. She called the controller but her hadn’t got their number but he called the train station and put out an announcement for them not to get on the bus. She drove back to the station and they got a later bus. They managed to get their flight.

I was a bit bored in the airport and recorded the sick note which is too long a video to put in here but if you click on the link below you’ll get it

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2 thoughts on “Is it a whale or a shark

  1. Your singing was terrific, your descriptions were outstanding and your pictures were amazing!
    I hadn’t ever heard of the Sun Fish, but the picture of that was unbelievable!
    I really got a kick out of the pictures of the Urinals😀Very interesting and funny!!! The pubs sure look fun too!!! I’d love to go to all of them!!! You sure are experiencing some great memories!!! Thank you so much for letting me experience your singing, the pictures and your descriptions!!! I look forward to your latest post of your trip so I know where you are and what you did!!!
    Stay safe, but enjoy every minute as I’m sure you are!!!

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