Tripping along Carolinas

May 18-22nd Mile. 619

Once we made it into Beaufort SC we set about changing the impeller. Race very wisely assisted in silence as he listened to the two of us bicker away. The impeller was broken and we think that was the main problem however it is still shutting off after about 12 hours. The fact that there was water still rushing in when I was putting in the new impeller annoyed Pat but I was pretty sure we wouldn’t sink.

We spent a nice day strolling around Beaufort and Port royal and Whaddya Know we had Kim our bar tender from last year and she showed us her new collection of credit cards from people who leave them behind. She’s terrific.

I have no idea why Pat is washing the boat behind us. Race took the picture. Probably best not to ask.

The birds are now hatching and we’ve seen a bald eagle, eggrets and ospreys who are nesting on the ICW. We travelled up the ICW to Charleston which gave us a bit of a rest …. Well apart from a hairy moment with a barge coming through the bridge while I was trying to maintain my position. But enough said about that.

Guess the movie

We headed out from Charleston for a beautiful sail up to Southport. Late at night however, it got a bit bumpy and lumpy but there was some nice sailing and sea shanty sung as we went along. We arrived in Southport early in the morning and sailed on up to to a lovely anchorage where Race had a swim

I would comment on how fit he appears but he’ll probably read this! A couple of boats gone aground and bridges on the way.

We’ve had the usual beautiful sunsets and crab pots of course on the way. And Jet skis. OMG the jet skis. That was just after the firing range. I wish I had picked up a gun.

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9 thoughts on “Tripping along Carolinas

  1. Had to look up what an impeller is, wow Jane. Great photos, great great journal. All amazing to me sitting at home w my wee dogs.


  2. Sure enjoy your pictures and descriptions! Enjoy everything, but stay safe please! Look forward to whenever you send pictures and your descriptions!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. An impeller….. now I know!!
    Fantastic jane, love the photos but especially the variety on your blog, from the serious….impeller to the fun stuff credit cards and Pat cleaning other boats….. wonderful.


  4. Absolutely loved the Jaws clip! Next time you see one, hopefully you won’t need a bigger boat 🦈


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