Saturday 14- Monday 16th, Miles to date 198 Now in Beaufort SC

Following a beautiful blessing of the boat ceremony we headed out to sea. We were North of Daytona when the rocket launch went off and although we didn’t get great photos of it, it was still very impressive when we heard the boom 12 minute.

Later that night I kneeled on our Garmin and heard a strange beeping noise. It was a few minutes later that I realized it had sent off an SOS signal. It took me about five minutes to figure out how to cancel it but in the meantime they informed my sister that I had sent off an SOS and she should contact me. Dervla had quite a few worrying moments especially when she tracked the phone and saw that M’Aingeal was going at 21 MPH. Well we all know she will never reach that speed! Of course She and Dierdre decided that as they knew nothing about Race, it was possible that he had kidnapped us or worse. In the meantime we were on the boat and Race was reading us pleasant little Japanese stories.

I couldn’t understand a word he was saying but it sure sounded nice.

Sunday, 2 am the engine conked out. We were at least 60 miles out to sea and had no wind. Just before that we had a brief couple of hours racing along at 7 knots and I was thinking we’d be in Beaufort NC in two days easily. There was very little we could do so we heaved to and had a good few hours sleep. The next morning the engine started up by itself.

We decided to try to continue to Beaufort SC and stay out for the lunar eclipse. That was definitely worth it The pictures don’t really do it justice. as the moon gets covered and the stars all come out.

We’ve made our way into Beaufort SC and the engine has been overheating increasingly. We had to sail as much as possible into dock and glide the rest of the way. That was the quietest moment on the boat.

Not sure how long we will be in Beaufort but spirits are all still high and we are all enjoying it. Race is the ideal crew member and I have a feeling we are going to have a few more adventures in the future.

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Nurse, Singer/Guitar player. Sailing instructor traveling around any way possible.

8 thoughts on “SOS

  1. Glad you’re ok! The crew looks good and your experiences so far have been Interesting! Thanks for including pictures with your descriptions! Please Stay safe and enjoy the trip! Sure enjoy following you! Thanks 😊


  2. At least you uou now know that your Garmin SOS works (EPIRB?). Did you sail on the outside from NSB directly to Beaufort inlet?


  3. Good to hear from you. The eclipse must have been special. Hoping the overheated engine is a simple fix. Left port canaveral Sunday. We are arriving in Bermuda about 6 pm. Looked for you off the Florida coast but did not see you. Sail on.


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