JULY 22 St Micheal’s to Old Point Comfort.

With AC and a spiffy engine we started our return back South. 1st stop was Bay Bridge Marina where we had to have a splendid meal at Hemmingways (No I don’t think this was his regular). It is known for excellent food and wonderful sunsets.

We had a close shave with a stump of a tree as we were sailing down.

At St Micheals we met up with Chip and Sandy, friends of Eric and Angie. Angie had told them I sang and played the guitar. They are part of a band ‘Rosewood’. By co incidence our boat was docked next to theirs and after dinner we returned to the boat to Jam a little. Wow, was I out of my league! Sandy has a voice like cotton candy and you just want to wrap yourself in it. She harmonized with me and Chip’s guitar playing made me want to t go back and practice every day. Check them out on http://www.musicbyrosewood.com.

The following day was really too hot. We took the dingy to go shopping for essentials (beer mainly!) and we got the owner to take Pat back in the van with the groceries while I took the dingy back. Of course the dingy wouldn’t start and I had to row the two miles back in the extreme heat. Thankfully a cruiser (John on Wanderlust) saw me rowing, asked if I needed help and jumped into his dingy and towed me back. As he was towing me I saw a taxi boat go by! We hadn’t been told about it. That would have saved so much. We got the taxi boat in later and it was a delight.

Of course we did the museum thing and that night Sandy met us for a charming outdoor concert.

We’ve had a few beautiful anchorages and slept under the stars to see beautiful sun sets and rises. It’s so lovely to be on the boat with clusters of stars above and playing Quiddler or dominoes. Up St Marys river was another anchorage which was beside a campsite. Beautiful with Bald Eagles gliding overhead and fireflies at night. We dingyed to the restaurant which was recently bought by a young couple and she told us that it was all one big happy family. One of the kitchen staff was nearby and he said ‘It’s not. Everyone fights.’ I don’t think she was best pleased with his interjection and I said that true families fight and that’s what communication is all about. ‘Yes’ she replied and ‘then we are all happy again’. He looked over and behind her back shook his head and said. Oh No. The food was terrific and the bar lady was fantastic. She wanted to make sure that ‘Pat was happy’. We ate there both nights and each night different staff were coming to her to exclaim and complain about other staff members. Yup. it was a big family atmosphere. We loved it and loved the view.

Most of our sailing south has been motor sailing and once we have had our morning coffee the only real dilemma has been which hat to wear.

In Deltaville I took a picture of a beautiful boat called Bob and later the owner came by. She joined us for a sundowner and it was a joy to hear her story. (Some confidential of course!) She bought the boat for a song, it had a broken bow sprit and very little love in the past year but she, her husband who doesn’t sail that much and her father who is a sailor have spent the past year doing it up. She plans to take it down to the Bahamas in November. If you’re there go up to talk to her. She’s a terrific woman. The thing about cruising is you often don’t remember names but you remember the names of the boats. I remember her as Bob’s mistress. I think she’ll like that.

Old Point Comfort next to meet up with Chuck and Dana on Freedom.

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Nurse, Singer/Guitar player. Sailing instructor traveling around any way possible.

6 thoughts on “JULY 22 St Micheal’s to Old Point Comfort.

  1. Sending you good vibrations and hugs for your trip home. As far as the music goes, you can hold your own with anybody. See you soon.

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  2. You should a writer! Your daily explanations of everything are so good! What a terrific trip! I love all the pictures too! Thanks for letting me keep track of your trip!

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