Mount Vernon and the national Art Gallery. July 9th (About)

Before we left Herrington Marina we took a trip to the National Art Gallery and Mount Vernon. Once again it was an adventure trying to get parking in Alexandria and then figuring out the nearest metro to the National Art gallery. It took some time to realize that I was looking for one in Delhi! Google can be so darned global sometimes.

It was timed entry for the Art gallery which is very good as it doesn’t get overcrowded. We were early so we took a browse around the Sculpture Garden. The house on the top appears to move in dimension as you walk past it. I took photos and I think you can see the effect. Some man was watching me and initially I thought that there was no effect and when we spoke I told him that. He decided not to bother taking photos then. Oops he had a good camera and it probably would have looked great! Some interesting sculptures and of course there’s always the big square or slab that shows nothing. I think they putt them in to fool you. The tangle sculpture is ruined by the traffic cones saying you can’t climb it. but of course it looks so tempting to climb.

The Art gallery was very good. I’d recommend it. Paintings from Da Vinci to current day and sculptures of all ages as well.

The following day we went to Mount Vernon. Gorgeous grounds and very well run tour inside where they keep you going through without feeling rushed. I loved the decor of his house.

‘If you look above the chair in Washingtons study you can see a fan which he worked with a pedal at his feet. The privy’s outside were delightfully hidden in the trees and it looks like you could have three persons in at one time.(interesting but I prefer yelling over a wall) Regarding the current day toilets … not so good. I even read about it in the trip advisor review that the toilets were terrible. Well Pat, a man who has braved Tibetan toilets without complaint couldn’t make it in the current day Mount Vernon one. No pics obviously! We finished with lunch in a delightful in beside Mount Vernon and the decor is similar to the house.

While Pat was taking this photo I could hear the customer (Who had more food about the floor then on his plate!) and waiter discuss the difficulty paying as his card did not have a chip and he had no cash. The waiter was young and inexperienced and I could feel his anxiety. It worked out OK though, as they could slide it.

Unusual menu. I had peanut soup, which was actually quite tasty. A photo just made it look like Boak.

Just some photos of our way to Whorton. There was a beautiful horse farm on the anchorage by Gibson Island. It was very narrow going in so I decided to take a photo of the horses on the way back where I would have more confidence. Ah dear. seize the moment. When we came back they were are hidden in the shade!.

We are now on our way to St Micheals with lovely new AC

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3 thoughts on “Mount Vernon and the national Art Gallery. July 9th (About)

  1. More great pictures and descriptions of your travels! I’ve seen things I thought I would never see, thanks to your trip!


  2. That looks like “The Pride of Baltimore “ under sail. I love the National gallery. Something there for everyone. Art is sooooo subjective.


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