Not Looking good !

Well we are in Herrington North and the mechanic is currently working on the engine. He was surprised we made it for 400 hours motoring without breaking something. ( I’m sure I heard him say under his breath. .. they must be wonderful sailors or something like that). He said the engine was badly maligned and should never have been put into that space. I remember a couple of times with AL asking him if he was trying to do the impossible. I think he just shoved it in and hoped for the best.

We have had to recruit a carpenter to expand the space as well. Fortunately it seems Buster can do the job and the lovely thing about Herrington Marina is the feeling of professionalism about the place. Its a bit like having a medical procedure with the proctologist and they have to call in the pulmonolgist for a referral. (I’m sure I heard Bster say under his breath. ‘what a beautiful boat or something like that)

We had to take a trip to the hardware store and Pat as usual went straight for the bolts drawer. He’s worse than me and my hats. (I’m pleased to say I bought another to replace the blue one lost.). What is it about hardware stores here that they all play that old time country music !

I forgot to include the picture taken when we were learning how to break into the crab shells. Brian reminded me. It has been extremely hot and it was lovely to see those storm clouds looming as we left the restaurant.

We also have a leak from somewhere and I’m not sure where the tubes I see leaking are coming from . I immediately emptied the cockpit locker and jumped in. Pat was saying his usual ‘wait wait ‘ and I was doing my usual. ‘just a wee minute. I found nothing and expended a lot of energy in this and Pat brought out the folder with the blue print of all the sea cocks and water flow of tubes.

It has been far too hot. We were having a beer with Greg who has just splashed his boat after three years on the hard ( Lovely guy. He and his wife cruised the Bahamas Caribbeanand South America for three years. Was saying how he misses the camaraderie of cruisers). Within minutes these storm clouds appeared. Greg and I jumped out of the boat to take pictures. Pat stayed with his beer. The wind whipped up and whaddya know. In the process I lost a hat! Not the new one but a much loved one.

Just heard form the mechanic that it won’t be until at least Tuesday till we finish. We’ve hired a car and will be taking trips o Annapolis and Washington and Arlington Cemetery. Photos to follow. Hopefully not before bankruptcy!

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11 thoughts on “Not Looking good !

  1. Love reading your blog. I am glad you found somebody that could identify the problem and were able to come up with a plan to fix it. Wow!! A carpenter too! Sounds like a real project. I believe Pat had the right idea remaining with his beer :0)


  2. Jane fascinating, love love love that you are writing about it all. Gary loves hardware stores, the way M used to love pharmacies like Rite Aid. What a time of it you are all having.
    I thought owning a house was a job, but lordee, fixing a boat?!!


  3. BOAT Break – Out – Another- Thousand
    BOAT is a whole in the water surrounded by fiberglass into which you throw money.
    All for the once in a lifetime moments… Thanks for taking us along for the adventure! 💕


  4. Pat, Jane, great hanging out with you! You brought back the feeling of cruising. I don’t get nearly enough of that in my life! Best of luck with the engine, enjoy your time, and safe passages!


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