)Like you really have to be told. Swimming and day moon and night moon! We really enjoyed our sail across to Tilghman Island. A beam reach 20-24 knots wind and COG of 6-7 knots. (For the non sailors that’s mighty fast. Not for a car but certainly for M’Aingeal). Its like flying on a magic carpet and the boat feels like a living creature. Or riding along with ‘The Snowman’

It was such a beautiful anchorage. Wind blowing just enough that Pat and I decided just to stay for a day , chill and read our books. I went in for the occasional swim. Really can’t explain how pleasurable it is to chill and do nothing in a 35ft boat. We forgot that we had no real meal planned food left but managed to whip up potato salad with tuna salad and a lettuce celery and tomato salad. So healthy!

I woke up at midnight and saw this beautiful image of the Moon Saturn and Jupiter.

Knapps Narrows are called this because they are so narrow and anyone caught in the channel, gone aground, cannot one blamed. I’m just saying! We beat the hell out of the engine and got out of it .

We are now in Herrinton North Marina and will know tomorrow what the prognosis is on the engine and our getting to some fancy anchor to see the fireworks for the 4th July.

Published by janeoconnor2000

Nurse, Singer/Guitar player. Sailing instructor traveling around any way possible.

7 thoughts on “KNAPPS NARROWS June 29

  1. Love and look forward to reading your entries. Sounds like more fun than crossing the ocean :0)
    Be well.


  2. Fantastic photos Jane. Loving the commentary. My news is that I’m getting a new fridge freezer and had to eat all the Haagen-Daz ! Out canoeing and chilling.


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