Solomons Island

For the grammar nerds amongst you I will admit I often don’t check my spelling or grammar but I will tell you that there is no ‘ on Solomons Island… so there.

It is a beautiful Island, vastly different to the dilapidation of Crisfield. We had a wonderful greeting on arrival and invited to Happy Hour in the club. It was lovely to see that SYC’s burgee was already amongst the flags hanging. The Commodore said that they are entering the club into the Guinness book of records for having the most burgees. They even have one form the oldest Yacht which is … CORK established in 1720. We were going to go there last year to help with the 300 years celebration. It has the British crown on the flag. His Father had brought it over to the club.

It was pretty cool to get change from $5.00 for two drinks but then we went to an outside restaurant and ordered meals stating Market Price… Big mistake there about $50.00 a piece.

Eric and Angie from Ceffyl Mor joined us for dinner. They have given us a number of lovely anchorages and we have decided that, rather than rush the fixing of the engine and have to really push to get up to Washington DC in time for the 4th, we will just plz around St Micheals and Annapolis and possibly meet up with CeffylMor again.

There are two photographs of Drum Point Lighthouse as the first is when Pat initially sailed the Chesapeake and the lighthouse was still in service. It is now at the Calvert museum which is a really splendid Maritime museum. Pat had great fun in the Children’s section and threatening to touch the DO Not Touch boats. I loved the lighthouse as many of you know I have very fond memories of a lighthouse in Rathlin. We got inside and saw how the fog bell mechanism worked and the set up for a family.

Many beautiful gardens , fancy boats and ducks everywhere. They have a big environmental research and training facility. The above are records of the heat from 1940.

We moved on to a beautiful anchorage which we had all to ourselves. I was hoping that the cow rays would come up to the boat but no sign of them. There was, however a wonderful display of fire flies which, unfortunately I am not quick enough to photograph. Pat had a lovely meal made by yours truly.

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6 thoughts on “Solomons Island

  1. This cheeky computer better not tell me I am saying the same things again. Jane, I love the photo of Solomon’s climate, wow, so interesting. All photos and text, fascinating… are reaching beyond the beyond with your adventures. Sooooo great.
    with love, Sheelagh

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  2. How lovely to get a dip into Solomons, and see all the burgees, that’ll be my word of the day. Your photos are great, the wee dog looks almost real!Then there’s Ceffyl Mor, I thought it might be a small Irish town, no wait, a Welsh town? No, on further investigations it seems the name Ceffyl is mentioned i Welsh myth and folklore so it must be Eric and Angie’s boat.
    I looked up cow rays and at first couldn’t find anything, too much sun Jane? No wait… they are rays, real rays like sting rays. WOW!
    Ah, memories of the Rathlin lighthouse, I’m not sure I’ll make it over this year for the BBQ and to see some of your friends the McCurdys 🙂
    Fair winds, Jane and Pat!

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    1. Yes Ceffyl Mor is a sea horse and yes it’s Eric and Angie boat. Just to be clear I don’t think the cow rays really look that like cows but they have a cute way of upping the end of their fins like horns


  3. Solomons Island – We have such wonderful memories of our time there!! Your pictures & words take us back…We miss you. Stay well!!

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