San Francisco

My first day in San Francisco was more than I expected.   I decided to stroll down to the pier via the famous Lombardi street.  The hills here are incredible and I could feel the effects of all the climbing on my legs

Of course first stop was the Garibaldi Square to suss out the chocolate shop but got way laid by the most beautiful. charity vintage shop.  The lady with the glasses charmed me immediately and I had to buy whacky sun glasses.  Since meeting her I saw a post in Facebook regarding what to wear when you’re over 30. and it says ‘What ever you want to ‘   So true

As I strolled along looking at the ‘oxygen bars’ and dry water massagers I came out of the shop to see a host of naked cyclists.  I nearly had to go back into the bar for a swig of oxygen.  Further on the lollipop man had a delightful pink bra on his head.   I didn’t enquire why.   The weather fluctuates between cold and windy to very hot and it costs an arm and a leg for anything but so far so good.   Pat arrives tonight so the serious touristy things will start then.  I will leave you with photos of some of the ridiculous looking tourists.  I always remember one holiday diving with Dervla and she looked out and said “Tourists really are unattractive and then we turned to look at each other with our salty sunburned faces and floppy hats.  Hmmm


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Nurse, Singer/Guitar player. Sailing instructor traveling around any way possible.

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