2nd Week Still sailing in Sardinia

We have had some beautiful anchors where we pop in for a swim and then off to some small beach restaurant.  Surprisingly enough the meals haven’t been too expensive .. well, with exception to the night where we stayed in port of Cava Gavatta which we had to shelter from the mistral winds.  We met up with a group of Australian swimmers who had a tin

whistle and there was some Irish dancing which developed into square dancing and then a bit of Russian and table dancing and I knew we were in trouble when the Poetry started being recited.  This was after the Italian match and the waiters were already in good form! That was an expensive and fun night.   I think we were also a bit high from having sailed in 40 knot winds.

We had a two hour stop in Porto Servo which is the Rodeo Drive of Sardinia.  See photo of Brian’s Iced coffee in Champagne glass and some of the shops as an example. Gelatto was as far as we could go. From then onto the other extreme we anchored in a litle bay where there was a food truck ( with beer of course as well) and then through a path to a local pizzeria.   Delightful sunset and atmosphere.
The goats are the so called Golden goats who have golden teeth because of the grass they eat and the pic of Pat and the cliff  I you look really closely you can see the statue of the Virgin Mary,  One if high up in the cave and the other on another impossibly inaccessible cliff edge.  There was also a little Grotto half way up the cliff.
I’m going to add in picture of:  the super yacht which is one month old and the largest yacht by volume to date.  owned by a Russian, Italian flag, German made and registered in London   See pic. The sleek we adored, the sailing race of about 12 J class yachtts and finally Moby Dick.   All neighbors.  Sardinia caters for all !
Next stop Florence.brian wistful

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