Sardinia and Corsica.

Our fist swim off the boat and of course  the Floridians hesitated and strangely enough didn’t believe me that the water was warm. As you can see from the photo Brian’s stress level quickly adapted to Island time.
On our second anchorage, Porto Palma, on the Southern tip of Sardinia we cooked fish with Lemon butter sauce with a hint of garlic,  asparagus roasted and lightly coated with parmesan cheese and basmatic rice.   I took credit for all the cooking with Pat as Sous Chef but those who know me will know the truth!   As expected the guitar was taken out and we had a lovely night singing and watching the night sky fill up with stars. I couldn’t  find the seven sisters constellation to show everyone to look through with binoculars.
There have been a few head injuries as the crew gets accustomed to the heights of various ledges.   On some of these anchors there are beautiful restaurants on the beaches  HOWEVER  I would however recommend that anyone checks the price of the weighed fish meals   Fortunately we did and smartly avoided paying  Euro 180 for Langouste.  (More money for a hat)  and the temptation to have the full Italian meal with all its courses and aperitifs is playing havoc with our waistlines.

Generally most of the crew love the luxury and comfort of the Catamaran however Pat and I would far prefer the Mono Hull for a variety of reasons to dull to write here.
We had our first nightmare mooring in Bonface.  They were unable to send anyone to assist us as they were dealing with a super yacht at the time.  The mooring chain got caught around the prop and I had to dive below  to unfoul it.  I think we stopped the engine just in time as there were six twists and wrapped quite tightly but no damage to the prop. .
Boniface is an incredibly stylish island.  The houses are teetering on the cliff edge.  A great place to people watch.  The shops are incredibly expensive that Initially when you see the prices you gasp and then a few shops down you see a tee shit reduced to $55.00 and its a bargain and yes someone bought one!
It was good craic watching Ireland play Italy But Lads what a shame in the French match.
The wind has not been very high in the past few days however Tom’s wind is creating a venturi effect.  No need to say more than that!
Just as I wrote this  yesterday we got some very high winds from the Mistral with gust up to 42.  We are not in a marina in La Maddalena.  Beautiful  Watch all those stylish Italians and of course you can spot the British and Americans.  The boys from the boat beside us are German Doctors  And yes they look like children.  One of them had to leave early this morning because his wife had gone into labor!!!!   Orthopedic of course
Its great fun trying out my French however while some of the waiters are tolerant and just occasionally will correct my pronunciation, one guy just looked baffled in in appalling English asked that I PLEASE just speak English.   Humph

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One thought on “Sardinia and Corsica.

  1. 180 euros! How many would that feed, and yet still – – dastardly expensive. Note to self, shoved in deep recess of brain till needed: avoided Weighed Fish dinner. Got it. Just keep writing, Jane. Happy travels.


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