Leaving Rome for Sardinia…

Reinhard and Leslie have now arrived and for our last day we did a three hour guided tour of the Vatican. I would highly recommend a private tour.  It saves time in lines as well as being informative.  Needless to say it was incredible with all the art work and history, although it has to be said that the Sistine chapel was packed.ceiling

The next time I want them to empty the chapel of all those tourists, for me.  The holy door is only opened every 25 yrs and this year was one of them.  We have all been absolved of all our sins because we passed through it and furthermore blessed by touching St Peter’s feet. (That’s the statue I’m referring to not the real person obviously)  Pat was taking pictures of us but the guide wsalked past his camera line just as I was going and all he got was my butt. hmmph   It was pretty weird to see the waxed body of St John Paul.   When they exumed his body to replace him because he was being cannonised there was no evidence of any decomposition.St John Paul

This really tickled Paula but then again the highlight of Rome in her view was the Capuchin Crypt where the friars have rearranged the skeletons of the monks of 17th Century to look like flowers, chandeliers, clocks etc. Mmm Paula’s pretty weird to I guess.
We dandered home after that and had a very cultured afternoon watching Italy play Sweden in the football in local bar.  Pat thought he had died and gone to heaven as he ate a delicious Panacotta.

We have now arrived in Sardinia and started out on the Catamaran.  The weather was terrible on the first day ( I think its better weather on mono hulls ) it rained and we motored all the way however our first stop was a lovely harbour Porto Rotondo unfortuately the first marina showers very pretty whiffy and no toilet seat to speak of just a place to put your feet and squat.  This was the fancy marina!   I guess all the boats that were docked are using their own showers and toilets and getting the crew to dump the waste when they go !
Weather today is beautiful and that’s why the blog is short …

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