Intercepting Thieves, Rides with the Police and Polo

Its a fine line writing a blog.  How much do you spend writing and going out and doing.  Of course everything we do is for the blog!


We had such a lovely time in Café Tortino that we returned the following night to see a Tango show, The waiter was a show as well.  I am continually trying to speak in Spanish however I think sometimes I might be making an eejit of myself.   I was in the rest room and the girls were waiting for the tip but I had forgotten to bring my purse.  I sort of acknowledged the tip jar and then said  ‘Asta La Vista ”  Well they loved that.

I caught a thief trying to get into my backpack just  in time.  The cheeky blade just stared at me.  You do have to be alert for thieves.   La Bocco is a small street in the middle of a very dangerous area where one does not go at night time.  The buildings are all brightly colored and Tango in ALL the cafes.  This tango is more the real type as opposed to the touristy show we saw the night before.  That one made 50 shades look like a children’s  story !  Pat loved it.

When we booked for La Bocco (Which I would recommend) the tourist guide told us to walk on the outside of the area,  which I thought we were,  however,  the police drove by and asked us where we wanted to go and drove us there.  Reminding us  it was a very dangerous place.  Hey Deirdre remember the police ride in Boston.


We went for a day out to the Polo ranch of Argentina.  I had seen in Trip advisor that it was number one.  ( Its also number one for the Empanada’s and I would agree there).   I was saying to Pat that maybe we shouldn’t go riding in case either of us fell off the horse before our big trip.  ( I have history of a couple of falls).  It was the wettest day of the trip at the beginning.  We watched the polo match and the rules of the game were explained and how to swing a mallet.   After a stupendous lunch the weather cleared and   we all got on the horses and had a match ourselves.  … SO much for playing safe!.   One of the guys on the horses with us looked like he was straight out of a Ralph Lauren ad with his worn out shirt and boots and swarthy skin and then he smiled at me.  Two teeth on either side of his mouth.  … hmmm maybe not.

Pats team won!  (He just read this blog and asked who won? … so I think he wants everyone to know).

Everyone is so friendly.  They whistle all the time!



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2 thoughts on “Intercepting Thieves, Rides with the Police and Polo

  1. From Alan: Ushuaia is a great town .. When she gets back tell her to go to the old ships chandlers on the waterfront for the best hot chocolate and the old crates and oddments from Liverpool


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