More than just touristy pics


It’s so difficult to describe the ambience of a place.  The couple  who are about 106 yrs old and he was wearing the big french hat, strolling into the university which is a dilapidated old Cathedral that they are in the middle of renovating but it has the atmosphere of intense learning, the young girl who was quick to remind me that I was from NORTH America not, as I said America because we were all America coming home to the B and B that there is a Barbeque and Pablo and his Mother singing Argentinian songs with ‘beautiful voices’  and all the guests joining in saluting with their glasses.

We took a boat ride to Tiger river, OK! but probably better to stay in B A city as there is equally as beautiful scenery  in FL Wikevia river.   We were dropped off near the Cemetery where Eva Peron is buried.  We got a guide outside the gates who is from Brighton…. A bit strange, We thought he might be on the run from something as he hasn’t been home for 17 yrs and has the look of a man with a history.  (Needless to say I didn’t give him the blog address).  He was very good as a guide though,  showing us graves where the wife and husband stopped speaking to each other before they died and so are buried ‘back to back’  another one where there are two headstones and a statue of a beautiful girl who had narcolepsy.  She was buried alive and they discovered only the following day.  Amazing structures and Father Fahy who saved so many Irish during the famine , bringing them over here and getting work for them.

The adjacent church was charming with Georgian chants in the background and the statues of the Virgin Mary with the finest head of real hair which made it look a bit spooky.

Then ran out of Argentian money at the café   Fortunately they accepted a mixture of dollars and we went off to the ‘Blue’  (that’s how the girl described it)…Market’ to get Dollars off someone in the street.  Pat was a bit anxious about cheating the banks out of their commission but the rate is so much more favorable.  14.99 as opposed to 9.

We dandered around and strolled into a more modern church and then an old Cathedral which was being renovated and used as a university.  Photographs and words can’t really describe how vibrant the students and atmosphere was.

Walked along the river and got our first taste of REAL good Argentian steak.   MMMM HUW Ali be praised .

When we arrived back to the B and B we stayed about an hour at the Barbeque then off to bed “tired but happy”

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2 thoughts on “More than just touristy pics

  1. Such an amazing description of your day!! Thanks for sharing, I feel as if we are there with you… If only that were so!! We miss you already & can’t wait for you to come home so you can tell us all about your experience!! We love you Darling & miss you so much!! Have fun!! Kisses to you & Pat😘


  2. You’re so funny! Got a good laugh from the description of your man from Brighton. Love that you’re doing this blog!! Keep writing, keep dancing, keep going!


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