Festival St Eulalia

On our first day in Barcelona Katrina and I took a bike tour to get our bearings. It just so happens to be the festival of St Eulalia and the place was packed, nevertheless we made it around. I’ve heard so much about Barcelona but not really seen much about it on TV. Photographs just don’t do it justice. As Katrina was saying its not just the visual sights but the sounds and smells of Spain that she loves. (I can’t supply that!) The night before I had Patatas Bravas and goats cheese salad which sounds pretty mediocre but I have NEVER tasted simple roast potatoes like it and they poured something honey like over the goats cheese. The food is amazing.

We had an Irish ‘west coaster’ for our guide and the rest of the group were good fun. At the end of it we dragged Arlan, an American Marine and big honey along with us for the rest of the day. He showed us where he had walked the previous day and we went into one of the houses that Gaudi designed. I’m never that keen on those audio guides and when it started with ‘Close your eyes and imagine I thought it was just a load of nonsense as I paid to ‘see’ things but really that house was incredible. Like walking through a fantasy. The pics below are of the two staircases in the house. So different.

At the top we had refreshments and the chimes were even works of art. divided into eight pillars and a cross present that appears the same whatever angle you look at it . Arlan was able to tell us more details he had learnt from previous tours he had gone on.

A sit in fire place. Strange doors.

One of the rooms at the end

The rooms also had pictures/mirors in them that showed videos of the people in the rooms in the old days mixed with us in the present It was all so fascinating that I won’t be able to do it justice describing it.

We wandered along and saw more of the sights like the Basilica de la Sagrada Famillia which Gaudi stared in 1925 and was asked how long would it take to finish. 200 yrs he replied.

We realized wen we went home that we didn’t take any photos of Arlan and the two of us but it was a magic time enjoying each others company amongst friends you sometimes gel with on trips. I hope he brings his family to Ireland or Florida some day. (He was a bit James Bondish. Maybe he was a spy off duty and deliberately didn’t get his picture taken. ! ).

There were the usual buskers and the MOCA museum was a hit. it was very upbeat and modern art that was beautiful and easy to understand. A couple of Banksy’s and Lorca who I didn’t know before.

Everyone knows the girl with the ballon I’m sure but I never thought that it could be that she is catching the balloon rather than losing it. Guess it depends on your frame of mind.

I could send you pictures ad infinitum of chocolates and pastries but I thought you might also be interested in the butchers market where I saw large slabs of dried blood, tripe, pigs trotters and heads.

The day trip to Montserrat to see the ‘little black Virgin Mary ‘ (and she is little) will be in my next blog. Tomorrow we are off to see inside Sagrada Familla.

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7 thoughts on “Barcelona

  1. OMG absolutely fascinating Jane, as usual, fabulous photos, terrific writing, LOVE it. Sent it to 2 of our golf ladies who are planning on seeing Barcelona in Sept. What a fantastic trip for both of you.

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  2. Looks like a wonderful trip, Jane. Glenn and I went with Willie and DJ on a sail on Loose Cannon for Willie’s birthday. We were reminiscing and all wondered what you were up to as we had no further updates on you. Now I know why. You are off again on one of your journeys. We have so much to catch up on.


  3. Hi Jane, I love you photos and videos, I haven’t been to Barcelona….yet, it’s on my long list of places to visit 🙂
    I’m a great fan of Banksy, his messages are so easy to understand.
    I went to an unofficial exhibition on Banksy in Malmö a couple of weeks ago, and there’s you in Barcelona and Fiona at the Walled off hotel!

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