A typical three days at Sea

Strange sunset. No touch up done to photo

We were certainly very sad to leave Shelburne Nova Scotia and all the beautiful scenery and people there but we must head home to be in Virginia for September 16 where, we have, by popular demand. The return of a crew-member. He makes the photos more interesting.

Initially we intended to go to Provincetown. We were informed that we had to sail to Cape Cod Canal to get customs clearance first which would’ve meant an extra 2 to 3 days sailing. What a pain. I called Cape Cod Canal to check that and the customs guy told me that I could get an app on my phone and do it that way! This certainly saved time. Then on the second day out at sea we realized we could make it to Hyannis. We altered course and That saved a further three days.

We left on a falling tide which means that the tide pushes you out and adds a further knot of two on your speed. I think I was getting to be a bit of a speed junky as we were still whizzing along at 8 knots. ( that’s miles per hour to the non sailors ). We were still with the current as we rounded Nova Scotia and I saw that there were riptides ahead. Well, whey hey ! Let’s go towards them and we can surf these tides. Sure enough the boat was going at 8+ knots. But what I hadn’t contented for was the opposing tide coming down from the bay of Fundy. Far from a surfing along it was more like a bucking bronco. Crazy. But she maintained her speed.

Moon setting at sunset

Initially there was a little bit of fog after the sunset but we had reefed and we’re still going at a good pace. There was no moon as you can see from the photo, it set a little after sunset It was so dark but the stars were truly amazing. There were a couple of shooting stars and I think satellites going past. Or UFOS. I can’t tell the difference (seriously I wondered at the height speed and change of direction )


Pat and I do three hour watches and really it’s not too bad because we know there isn’t much traffic and you can huddle in the corner and check the horizon every 10 minutes or so. It is cold though and we both had about 6 layers on. Just before sunset I’ll prepare the dinner and if we’re motoring we’ll turn it off or if heeled over we’ll change course for a while. It’s a very peaceful time. The food may not be Michelin** but the view is. I think my favorite time of the day when we are on these long hauls is breakfast. The feeling of achievement and relief that you’ve managed another night, the smell of coffee and toast with Canadian jam and a little bit of peanut butter.


There is a difference in the birds as they swoop and dart by so swiftly flying with the wind. Unfortunately not much other wildlife. Just two ocean sunfish And a solitary dolphin. Still, It was beautiful calm sea and very relaxing At one stage I noticed a boat that was not on AIS ( the signal, boats have on voluntarily so that they can be seen ). It looked like it was heading straight at me but had no running lights. It’s a real pain to have to change course once your sails are set and it’s nighttime and pat’s down below. I studied it for a while and then got out my iPhone and the stargazer app. It was Jupiter. Alone and incredibly bright.

Coming into land

Early morning I could see land. Texts started coming in and I LOVE the encouraging texts I get. Thanks so much. Was just going down to wake Pat and tell him it’s his watch when I smelled the coffee. As they say in Belfast. ‘Happy Days ‘

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10 thoughts on “A typical three days at Sea

    1. Hi Jane, it was great to meet you, Pat and M’Aingeal in Shelburne and good to hear about your 3 day sail. We are also back in the US after a bumpy Fundy crossing.
      Our courses may cross again some day.
      Beir bua agus beannacht!
      Hilary and Páraic
      SV First Light. HR352


  1. The pictures and your descriptions are terrific! I’m glad you have times when you can enjoy the beautiful scenery! It must be quite an experience to do what you’re doing! I’m glad you’re enjoying all the experiences! You definitely should be a writer! You make everything interesting! Be safe, but enjoy 🌞😎🤗


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