Christmas in July, Lunnenberg

Weather still holding. Boat still at the wharf in Lunnenberg. When I was telling a man about our luck being docked in the centre of town for free he said “Christmas in July’. I love it

Another lighthouse we passed on our way to Mahone Bay.

We just happened upon this museum as we were passing. It was the house of a rich man who made his money out of legal piracy. (Doesn’t that just take you to the fair! It’s government approved provided you pay taxes on it). I loved the way they put the mannequins in each room.

It reminds me a lot of Norway as we walk along and the people are as friendly and helpful as the Norwegians.

They are very active in Education with a beautiful Art gallery and set up whereby the students stay for a couple of months and pay by donating a piece of art. Some really nice sculptures and paintings but I can’t find the pictures so you will just have to believe me. There was also a sailing school on one of the schooners and I just love what one of the students had written below.

I recognize that feeling from sailing. The buildings have been beautiful and all along there are marine animals on the lamp posts.

On Sunday morning before we left for Mahone bay and Lunnenberg Yacht Club we went to the Gospel Concert from the festival. I think it’s definitely in my top three of concerts and our very own Natalie from the bus (If you read the last post!) was up there on the cello most of the time.

isn’t the wee girl cute

Following the concert we set sail for Mahone Bay to fuel up in Lunneberg Yacht club and join them for a Lobster dinner. It was a beautiful steady sail and we were looking forward to a good meal. Unfortunately by the time we moored and blew up our dingy the wind had whipped up and it was too rough to go ashore. Ah well plans often go awry when you’re sailing and bacon and cabbage is a delicious meal!

We’ve now arrived in Dartmouth Yacht club and had a great sail on the Wednesday race. Not racing on M’Aingeal of course but that’s all in my next blog.

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8 thoughts on “Christmas in July, Lunnenberg

  1. What great pictures and descriptions of your adventures! The marine animals on the lampposts was such a cute and unique idea! You sure are experiencing fascinating adventures that you probably will always remember!!!! I heard the part of the concert that you recorded and I agree, it was terrific! I love the way they really get into their music too and that song is one of my favorites too! I bet you get another education every time you go on a sailing trip!!! The places and people you’re experiencing will always be a wonderful part of your memory!
    Sure glad you got to go on this trip and you were nice enough to share it with me🤗 Enjoy more adventures, but stay safe!


  2. What gorgeous memories you are creating…I can see it in the twinkle of your eyes & the brightness of your smiles!
    Stay well & safe, Darlin’ 💕


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