Boston, 4th July and Weather

Practicing the guitar

I just thought I would show a few photos of how we keep amused during the bad weather and unfortunately there have been a few days of that.

We had a great sail into Boston and saw a few Whales on the way but they were quite far off. we also tried to listen to the whales but no luck so far.

Whale Listening
episode 2

The weather was dry for the 4th and we walked for 12 miles along the freedom trail andgoing to the Boston Pops fireworks. Before we left the oldest and tallest battleship ‘The Constitution’ left dock right beside us and gave a 21 gun salute on return.

Boston is a beautiful town steeped in history. As usual I have my graveyard pics. This was in a graveyard of the 1600’s and full of puritan warnings of the burning hell and the Angel of Death. Later there was a statue commemorating the influx of Irish during the famine. I’ll bet a few puritans were glad of a bit of fun!

There were protests outside the State Congress hall and there were State Troupers and City police. Always friendly.

Just adding a few more photos that I took along the way.

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13 thoughts on “Boston, 4th July and Weather

  1. Your pictures and descriptions are fantastic! I’m sure glad you made it to Boston for the 4th! The Boston Pops were always my family’s favorite and to think you actually saw them!!!! I am definitely jealous😊 Then on top of everything, you see the USS Constitution! Not many people have the chance to see what you have! I’m glad because you appreciate it!
    Your trip looks like you’re seeing a lot of things and meeting a lot of interesting people! That’s great!!!
    Thank you again for letting me follow your trip. I look forward to whatever you send! Enjoy more adventures and take good care!


  2. Your blog is delightful, great pics & videos too!! Enjoy every minute & stay safe. BTW Jane ~ I could hear the whales wishing you a “Happy July 4th!”😊🇺🇸😘


  3. Loved the video of you playing the guitar and singing…I never knew you had such a great voice!!


  4. It’s great to read your blog Jane, and see all the photos. When I saw that you’d put up a video with the guitar I thought you might be playing The sick note (why Paddy’s not at work today) but that I’ll wait to hear it again live. Still, I enjoyed the song, do put up more 🙂 your fans love them, and I’m your no 1 fan!


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