Warming up to 66′

Mile 1291 June 24

We left Rhode Island and anchored in a beautiful quiet spot in Sakonnet to make it to New Bedford Yacht club and pick up the prop I broke some days ago. It’s still quite cold and we hear of temperatures of 100 in Florida. New Bedford Yacht club is one of the oldest in the states. Circa 1877. Everyone very friendly. At one stage Pat mentioned before going into the launch boat that he forgot his hat and we decided to wait until tomorrow to get it. A sailor who we had been speaking to asked us which restaurant and later that night when we were down below playing cards we heard a knock and then something being thrown on the boat It was the hat. The sailor asked the guy on the launch boat to give it to us.

We met the sailor the next day and he told us of two beautiful anchorages. We stayed in one, on Elizabeth Island. Owned by the Forbes but they let you come and use the anchorage provided you don’t go further in. It was stunningly beautiful. Fish jumping, the night sky clustered with stars. We were the only ones there.

We are on our way to Martha’s Vineyard and have just heard its the ‘Round the Island race’ this weekend so it should be busy. I hope we get a mooring or anchorage. I just put in a few pictures of boats we see along the way and some sailors not so energetic.

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7 thoughts on “Warming up to 66′

  1. Jane, what you are hearing is correct. Temps today in FL was 100 and very high humidity, followed by a tremendous thunderstorm. Love Martha’s Vineyard. When we lived on Cape Cod we made many boat trips to the Vineyard for the weekend. Love reading your blog. Stay safe and keep writing! Donna Fries


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