Getting ready to set sail

We have a new guest on board for our next trip. Race Mahoney who has just taken up sailing and has had a class will be joining us. What he doesn’t know in experience he makes for in enthusiasm. We went out for an overnight anchorage to get the feel of how M’Aingeal is set up and I was pleasantly surprised at how laid back everyone was when we realized we had no propane gas in the tanks. The bratwurst could be grilled but the potatoes were seriously undercooked and warm. Pat kept on giving Race some to taste. Race would eat them, nod and say maybe a little while longer. Colleen came along for the ride as well.

Packing is always a pain considering which hats to bring.

Florida has plenty of beauty and I’m not just talking about myself. I hope to have many interesting anchorages and scenes to picture. I will miss waking cup to this scene in the morning.

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10 thoughts on “Getting ready to set sail

  1. Your descriptions and pictures are great! I’ve been thinking about you and wondering when you would be setting sail! I wish you the best and I thank you for keeping in touch! Take good care and stay in touch when you can! I hope the new person turns out to be a good one! I look forward to more info and pictures 🤗 Thanks so much for sending me everything as you travel! Enjoy!!!!


  2. Ah Jane. I’m so envious but will enjoy this wonderful trip vicariously.. pink hat great choice. X


  3. Thank you for letting us landlubbers follow along in your wake. Wishing you calm seas and lovely adventures!


  4. Great to see your post pop up in my WordPress Reader of those blogs I follow! I so look forward to reading about your upcoming travels! Super pics on this post, too! I just bought a bigger sailboat and will take delivery of her mid-June. I may still splash SV Sunflower (Sunny) before her ‘big sis’ arrives! You know what they say about sailboats: “You can’t have just one!” 😁⛵️ Fair winds!


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