Some stories and waiting for a weather window

Moorehead City to Beaufort August 6

Well, we were meant to be back by today but as the weather guru pointed out, it will be the wettest week for the east coast of the USA in a long time and there are frequent squalls. They are really hairy when you’re in the middle of them but the good thing is that they last only for about an hour. Nevertheless it just doesn’t look good for going out so we are traipsing down the ICW. We had, at one stage intended to go to the Bahamas to see the swimming pigs and still haven’t ruled that out however, AMY (as in Amy and Alex from Sirena) told us how she was feeding them and one got greedy and bit her hard on the bum!

As you can see the weather is changeable. I love the rainbows after a storm and the smells before and after. We were coming into Southport and noticed a small dingy/sailboat being towed. the father was steering and the kid was ducked down in the front. We then turned the corner and there were more sailboats with kids STILL sailing around with the supervising adults watching. Further on another capsized boat !

I was talking about this to the harbour master and he told me a wonderful story about a guy who went out fishing by himself. He had the autopilot on and somehow fell overboard. Later the boat was spotted by another fisherman and it was headed straight for him. Fortunately the fisherman didn’t dismiss the boat as another crazy on his cellphone. He lifted his anchor and went to investigate. When he realized the boat was empty he boarded it and let his son take the helm of his own boat. He then retracted the GPS and found the fisherman treading water. He had been in the water for an hour and a half!

South Carolina really is beautiful along the ICW. Usual stunning sunsets and we saw our first Alligator since leaving Florida. ( I won the $10!). We are also starting to see more dolphins. Always a treat.

We’re now in Beaufort South Carolina and currently the weather is fluctuating between hot and muggy and just plain pouring down. The only consistent thing is the mosquitoes. I got a bite on my eyelid. Not very becoming!

The good news is that there’s not so much crab and oysters on the menus. And at anchorages my cooking is improving. Well hunger is the best sauce! We are hoping the weather will settle by Sunday and we can sail out to sea.

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6 thoughts on “Some stories and waiting for a weather window

  1. I’m writing from The Mayflower Health Center because I fell out of my power wheelchair on June 29th & am recovering here! I really messed myself up, but at least no broken bones!!!
    I continue to follow you though & your descriptions of what your doing and the pictures are great! It all has helped me a lot. Your adventures are so interesting and the pictures are great!!!
    Continue to stay safe and thanks for letting me follow you!! I’ll let you know when I’m finally home!!!!


  2. I enjoyed reading this one. Your cover picture of you and Pat is perfect. Let me know when you get close to home and I will help you with your lines and bring you both a cold one.


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