Fine exhibition of noble seamanship.

The title has nothing to do with our sailing. It was an expression I overheard at the tiki bar here when someone was describing the disastrous day sail they had with a captain who didn’t know the boat and the customer had to intervene while nearly going under a 14 foot bridge in a 30 foot mast he also managed to knock out one of the entrance buoys and subsequently when they were returning they saw another boat grounded there.

I was telling his wife the story about trying to find the Metro in Washington using google maps. I had put in subway and five miles later we discovered it was subway the cafe google was taking us. She exclaimed ‘Oh my god that’s just like me’. They are celebrating their 44nd anniversary and she left out a day on the itinerary and said she always screws up with this. She screwed up on the booking of her honey moon. “I can’t believe he still trusts me to do the booking. Its crazy. why should he! ‘ and it seemed like it was all his fault.

Back to Belhaven

Belhaven marina wins the award of best and most original marina. Golf course (Well a putting green,) croquet, open mike night and the showers had these amazing black and white photos of sailors.

It was a very hairy entrance as the wind whipped up and tide was rushing us in through the breakwater. It was the magic carpet feel but that feel sometimes has the boat out of control and I was a wee bit concerned about hitting the wall of the breakwater. I think it was a bit Captain Ronish. (Only sailors who have seen the movie will get that). When we docked we were a bit close to the Island packet behind us and there was nowhere to go in front. We decided that we might stay a day longer as it was too tight to get out in that wind.


The next morning the Alex and Amy from the Island Packet 350. (same size as ours but a lot newer). passed by and started chatting. As we carried on we decided to join them for breakfast and halfway through the breakfast they decided to stay for another day the craic was so good. Marvelous restaurant farm to table. Afterwards we had to go back for cuban cocktails and play on Alex’s fantastic tiny guitar. It’s electric and normal size fret board but the rest of its so compact its probably only about the length of your arm.

I’m sorry I don’t have more photos of them. We fixed their speed over ground thingy. I told Alex it was dead easy to pull the plug out of the boat without sinking it. Just as he was at the end bit and ready to pull it out I had to promise him I’d done it on M’Aingeal. I think he was disappointed there wasn’t more water came out. They have an RV and a motorbike and just travel the world. Retired teachers with the richest and fullest life. It was a joy to be with them.

We are now in Oriental and the weather is still a bit iffy so we have decided to stay another day. As you can see from the pictures of the fishing boats leaving the dock, it may be ok for them but we think the sky looks a we bit iffy.

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5 thoughts on “Fine exhibition of noble seamanship.

  1. Loved meeting you guys SO MUCH. Always great to meet people so compatible, and so much fun. So glad we stayed the extra day to spend with you. Until we meet again…


  2. Wonderful posts and the pics you share are fantastic! Btw, is your sailboat an Island Packet? I absolutely love them — almost had the chance to purchase one back in 2003 — an Island Packet 27. Gorgeous boats!


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