Down alligator canal and up to Dismal swamp.

I don’t know how they decide to name these places but there were no alligators in alligator canal and I hope dismal swamp isn’t dismal.

Our night conversations were at first quite sophisticated. Discussions along the lines of Dessert Island Discs very deep and meaningful with the background of wonderful lightening shows. An hour and a half, sitting in awe of natures splendor with flashes every five seconds and the whole sky lighting up. After this a wonderful chorus of croaky frogs and one stowaway. The scenery stayed the same but the conversation has gradually it deteriorated to what color the flame of a fart actually is.

We’ve had a couple of really nice anchorages and met a couple who have a 45 ft Island Packet. Very fancy, I had to stop him when he started talking about his bow thrusters. Jealousy I know. But they did share some excellent Rum.

I heard Mat has arrived in Maine safe and sound.

We were wary at first of docking in Elizabeth City because we heard that there were protest marches every day because of the incident with Andrew Brown. We also heard that they passed out roses to visiting mariners on the dock and the rose bushes are still there. I must say everyone was very friendly and the protest march was peaceful. We met up with Chuck and Dana (The couple on the Island Packet ) and had a few scoops.

There was a lovely farmers market and Pat (you have to guess which Pat ). was very taken with the chickens for sale. As we strolled along the streets it started raining and there was a man on the veranda of this beautiful enormous house. I asked him if we could shelter and he told us that this was his friend’s mother’s house. She had died recently at the age of 106. His friend was trying to decide what to do with it. He apologized that he had no keys to let us in and take us around the house but he encouraged us to look in the windows and at the carriage house in the back.

Dismal swamp was wonderful! We saw a number of deer, otter, snakes, a golden Eagle, a great blue heron following us. osprey all in beautiful green swamp. As we were drifting down the swamp we decided to stay a night longer in the swamp. SOOO glad because soon after the shaft from the prop disconnected from the engine. Pat had to jump into the swamp to turn the prop to line up the propellor shft with the engine so I could line up the bolts with the holes. He was great bobbing up and down. The swamp water is dark brown (Pat says it’s like the coffee I make Strong and black) No visibility three feet down. Pat was expecting the green swamp monster to appear. It was such a sweaty horrible job that I decided I had to jump into the swamp water as well. It was actually very refreshing. Trees are so close together we hit a branch on our shrouds.

We are now in Norfolk yacht club and headed for Hampton tomorrow.

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Nurse, Singer/Guitar player. Sailing instructor traveling around any way possible.

5 thoughts on “Down alligator canal and up to Dismal swamp.

  1. Donald said your story about the propellor shaft sounded like a page from The African Queen! w
    Were there any leeches???


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