Confucius say “Learning without thinking is useless, thinking without learning is dangerous”

We’ve just had a taster of everything in Shanghai and it’s certainly
a place I’d love to return to.
two wise old bods

Vibrant. fun, stylish, opulent energetic and varied.  The wonder of Shanghai is

that they have managed to create a style that blends the
best of Western and Eastern fashion.  The buildings are
unique and clothes subtly shanghai-esque and the furniture
shops are really modern with a touch of the orient.   Both
Pat and I had a difficult time choosing out of  300 +
shopping mall
How could you not feel beautiful?
The bright Mall has the only curved escalator and
everything around you screams to be bought.  These
beautiful girls could convince me that I too could look like
them if only I used tis cream or wore this coat.
We visited the original place where the cultural revolution started and then to the
incredibly peaceful Confucius temple/school where a charming
student took us around.  Pat even bought worry beads. (When
have you ever seen him worry!)  Gerry (our new guide) then
took us to the market where he buys his pet birds and
fish.  It was incredible. They sold colored frogs, painted
turtles crickets and insects to put under your pillow to
help you sleep!!
how do you think he will perform?
The crickets are for cricket fighting
and racing.  Those three men (in the pic) are looking hard
at a cricket they eventually buy.
We had to go on the Maglev train which travels up to 480 kilometers an hour (300
miles/h).  It works by magnet and is very quiet and
That night we strolled along the Bund which is the Wall Street of Shanghai and
along the river.  The buildings on the other side are
constantly changing pictures and colors and couples go there
for their wedding photos.
night time in Shanghai
changing colours
We went into the fancy Peace Hotel to watch some jazz ad then took the
tube home all by ourselves!   We had already taken a bus.
Pat looked a little out of place as the only tall white
on the tube
The following day we went off to the ancient Zhujiajiao (the watery town according to Gerry).
Peaceful garden smack bang in the middle of Shanghai 5000 yrs old
To me is was like Venice canals in the middle of China town.
1000 years old.  I was happy enough walking along until I
saw the picture of the Milk Snatcher herself!
  We took a canal ride. And then Gerry sorted our lunch for us.  Their desserts are
terrific and this time we had sticky rice in lotus leaves, I highly recommend, but not so much the pigs blood that I thought would be a bit like black pudding but it was very
From one extreme to another we drove straight from there to go up to the top of
the second highest building.  The highest is right beside it but very crowded.  The elevator covered the 600+ meters in less than 1 minute.  The building beside it that looks
like a bottle opener was originally designed with a circle but the government felt it was too like a Japanese flag so they changed it.
We then went off to the acrobatic show.  Absolutely tremendous.
Beautiful, exciting etc etc.. No photos obviously.
Sunday morning we went to the park where there was more dancing and of course I was
invited to dance.    Now, being the positive person that I
am I will take the smiling, laughter and encouragement along
with the many photos and thumbs up as a sign that I mastered
the dance.  I refuse to think anything otherwise.
mmmm, not so sure about the steps
  There is also a speakers corner just like that in London.  Gerry told us that the men tend to discuss politics and the women go off to share details of their sons and daughters with
resumes.  Just like the one in Beijing.

peace hotel

There is a China town in Shanghai as well where we had the tea ceremony again and in
the middle of this there is the most beautiful garden.
Peaceful garden smack bang in the middle of Shanghai 5000 yrs old
The Yu garden was built in the 15th century by a rich
businessman for his parents. It took him 17 years to
build.  Full of interesting rockery, bonsai and
architecture.  Hard to believe its slap bang in the middle
of all the bustling city life.
We ended the day going to the Propaganda Poster Art center.   This had
all the propaganda posters from the cultural revolution, anti USA and work hard for the party stuff.  It states ‘we must not forget our history’.   Gerry talked a little about growing up through this. He was from a wealthy family and says they were naive and believed everything. Our guides were all from different backgrounds and beliefs and freely talked about the government and their beliefs and appeared to be very knowledgeable about world politics.
cutie pie
The family were keen for me to take the photo.
Next stop Tibet.
Someone told us the other day that the place smelled of Yak everywhere
and that would be all we could eat and forget about loos with seats !
I have faith in our tour guides that they will make it comfortable but if
not …it might make for a more entertaining blog.

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  1. Absolutely loving your writings of what really seems a fabulous trip.You are very descriptive with respect to your encounters.By the way,did you make a comment about the hurricane ‘Ophelia’ to an Irish photographer?

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