40 knot winds, sleet and rough seas!

Todays coordinates  64 degrees  ( i cant find the wee o ) 41′ 26″ S
62 degrees 38′ 04″

8 Dec 2015a

We had what Henk  called a ‘Shackelton journey’ to the next anchor
18 hours of sleet, rough seas and high winds up to 40 knots.  We were all
on ice watch for two hours  at a time. One watch had the fright of their
lives as a humpbacked whale surfaced right beside the boat.  BUT when we
got up in the morning I can’t describe how beautiful and surreal it was.
Imagine stepping into a black and white picture with shots of  blue which
are the ice bergs. All sorts of texture some of the ice is like marble while
other bits are like crumbly icing on a cake.

Jane 8 dec 2015

Hopefully thenext time  I write it will be on another computer and will be


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Nurse, Singer/Guitar player. Sailing instructor traveling around any way possible.

2 thoughts on “40 knot winds, sleet and rough seas!

  1. Wow Jane- what an adventure you’re having. I love reading the blogs and following where you’ve been . Keep the info coming when u can. We all miss U.


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