Yesterdays photos and todays tale and photos

The first couple of photos are the Tango dancing in the Café, and the street.   The boy with the flag and girl dancing was an impromptu march celebrating the new Prime Minister.

Today we had no definite plans and came across the cathedral Pope Francis visited.  It is stunning.  There’s a picture below where the guards are guarding (as Guards are meant to do)  a gravestone of one of the past famous leaders. (nt sure who as we didn’t have a guide.   Pat looked at it and said  ‘I think you can just walk through them”  Reader … I tell you my heart was in my mouth .  I said ‘go on then’  and he did…  I was waiting for the guns to raise and he had the camera so there was nothing I could do.  But apparently you can just walk through them.   Great guarding EH?)

The Theatre Colon is amazing.  We took a tour but unfortunately we are unable to go to see a show as the Nutcracker starts next week.

We did some more dandering . Going into another equally charming church and decided we would put some structure into a couple of days so we strolled into Hotel Colon which, despite its unfortunate name is anything but a colon!   I told the concierge that we weren’t residents but he has booked us in anyway for a boat trip down the river and fancy Tango evening on Wed.

Going to try Café Tortino tomorrow .   The oldest Café in South America


e oldest café in South America


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3 thoughts on “Yesterdays photos and todays tale and photos

  1. Well done Jane, the protector. But Pat was exhibiting his chivalrousness (is that a word?), so don’t concern yourself to much.


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